EPISODE 138 – do as Megan Fox does


We see a dark blot on the horizon. A dark, sports-shaped blot. Wimbledon AND the World Cup football in the next month? It’s too much for our sensibilities. We can’t stop it; we can’t pretend to like it; but we can prepare ourselves, so we try to limber up with a bit of tangentially sportif chitterchatter in Answer Me This! Episode 138:

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Don’t worry, the majority of the content is non-sportular, including:

Project Runway
Jacques Chirac G8 Fail
Wenlock and Mandeville vs. Banksy and David Shrigley
Ped Egg vs. fungal nail infection in the Battle of the Turned Stomachs
Yoshiaki Shiraishi
sitting shivah
the obscure early life of Jools Holland
NASA entry requirements
bacon bras.

Plus: Olly finds the present day to be lagging behind in meeting targets set in The Terminator; Helen reveals the secret that made Neil Armstrong the first man on the moon; and Martin the Sound Man is quite quiet and well-behaved because he’s really thinking about getting back to playing Red Dead Redemption. A podcast cannot come between the man and his PS3. Harrumph.

We’re looking to you to keep our spirits up in these tryingly footbally times, so please send us QUESTIONS with which to distract ourselves, in the form of a voice message on 0208 123 5877 or Skype ID answermethis or an email to answermethispodcast@googlemail.com. Ta for that.

See you next Thursday!

Helen and Olly

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10 Responses to “EPISODE 138 – do as Megan Fox does”

  1. Jon Says:

    Having recently seen Megan Fox’s tatto, it does indeed mean strength 「力」and is pronounced “chikara” or “ryouku” or “riki”. It does however look like the symbol 「か」This in it’s self has no meaning but it pronounced “ka”. Although the words for mosquito or passable are “ka” they have their own characters 「蚊」and 「可」

    So to summarise, if the girl has the same tattoo as Megan Fox it does indeed mean strength and her friend should maybe study Japanese a little harder before incorrectly translating her tattoos.

    • Matt Says:

      …………or we could all consider getting our tattoo is in our native language to avoid confusion.

      This will also stop people thinking you are aspiring to be the intellectual giant Megan Fox.

      Although I must confess I would still “like a go on her” regardless of body art

  2. Alice from Wales Says:

    In regards to the “break a leg” comment, I was told by a former drama teacher that the phrase meant “put on a really good performance, so the audience will clap for many encores and bows – this will mean the curtains will constantly be opened and closed thereby breaking the ‘legs’ holding them up.” Is this right or a big old lie?

  3. Amber Says:

    Oh, god, Ped Egg. Yuurgh. The worst part of that commercial is when the womanly hand dumps its foot shavings in the trash. Why do you think I need to see that, Ped Egg marketing team? What market research was performed that pulled up “visual of foot shavings” as necessary to sell your product?

  4. Philip Says:

    Speaking of places for men. At the big Marks and Spencers (on Oxford Street? or nearby) the ladies’ loos are next to a furniture section, and there’s a three-piece suite which seems always to be full of men waiting for their wives/mothers/partners. I once saw a couple look at it interestedly, but there’s no way they could ever try it – presumably it never gets bought…

  5. Ryan Says:

    Bacon bras! 😀 Never realised that!

  6. Barney Toynbee Says:

    About the Terminator films, the world ends 2029, on my birthday. 29th August. What are the chances?

  7. Ashley from London Says:

    I once convinced my friend Arjuna that the Great Wall of China was knocked down in 1991 to mark the end of Chinese communism, he believed me until he told my friends this astonishing fact and they burst out laughing.

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