EPISODE 103 – Guerrillas in the Mist


Good day to you, listeners,

Today’s podcast comes to you in association with Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Or rather, through a mulch of Krispy Kreme doughnuts; if only we had heeded our grandmothers’ insistence upon not talking with our mouths full. So we suppose Answer Me This! Episode 103 is a bit like dancing on granny’s grave, only without the danger of stubbing our toes on a headstone:

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On today’s conversational rota:

Status Quo vs. Status Quo
Fuck Buttons vs. mini-golf
Architects in Helsinki
America’s Best Dance Crew
King Charles II’s prophylactics
Take That’s long-running association with lube
Victorian hair jewellery
True Blood
sweetie cigarettes
the George Darte Funeral Home.

Plus: Olly tries to get by in Spanish; Helen’s childhood hobbies are some Benjamin Buttons shit; and Martin the Sound Man was, by the sound of it, abducted by aliens and forced to participate in some giant scat pool party. We also warn off the other Oliver Mann and the other Answer Me This.

Moreover! If you stick around till the end of the episode you will hear how Luke from Cambridge set us the challenge to find an apt collective noun for Answer Me This! listeners; if you have any good ideas for such (keep it clean, now!), please comment below; and as ever, do send us your QUESTIONS by sending an email to answermethispodcast@googlemail.com or leaving a voice message via Skype ID answermethis or the question line 0208 123 5877.

Au revoir,

Helen and Olly

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42 Responses to “EPISODE 103 – Guerrillas in the Mist”

  1. Malka Cooper Says:

    As a Newbie, I am always exploring online for articles that can help me get further ahead. Thanks a million!

  2. Blair Says:

    An Academy of AMT listeners

  3. Ash Says:

    an antidissestablishment of listeners!

  4. Matt T. Says:

    An interrogation of AMT listeners
    An inquiry of AMT listeners
    An uncertainty of AMT listeners (Schrödinger likes this…maybe)
    A solicitation of AMT listeners (not sure if that has the same meaning as here in the us)
    An ACK of AMT listeners (getting nerdy here)
    and my most nerdish of all…
    A philomathy of AMT listeners (I like calling myself a philomath, as I’m sure your listeners do as well)

  5. Melissa from New York Says:

    How about:

    A Tribunal
    A Gaggle
    An Army
    An Ascension
    A Horde
    A Collective

    (Props to those who suggested “Orgy”! Had I posted sooner, it surely would have been on my list!) 🙂

  6. Aaron of Monkton Says:

    Exultation of AMT listeners

    A pod of AMT listeners

    A Molly of AMT listeners ( this one combines Martin and Olly, and the feminine touch of Helen.

  7. Rhys/Squeeky from Bridgend Says:

    A cult of AMT listeners. Or is that too S&M?
    A sound man of AMT listeners?
    A tit of AMT listeners?

  8. Sharon Says:

    Of the suggestions so far I’m fond of ball, wanksplash and orgy. This possibly reflects badly on me.

  9. Michelle Says:

    I like swarm. Dangerous and annoying.

  10. Courtney Says:

    My favorite: An Oddity of AMT! listeners

    But some more are:
    A storm
    A guffaw
    A ruckus
    A murder
    A shriek
    A party
    A neverthriving [lol]
    A superfluity [because were all nuns here… O.o rofl]
    An epidemic
    A pandemonium
    A conspiricy
    A mess
    A mutation
    An abomination
    A sanitarium

    Yeah my minds blank now, thats all I can think of in the short space of a few hours 😀

  11. The Smashcast Says:

    Apparently, ‘flange of baboons’ was made up by Richard Curtis when he was a writer for Not The Nine O’Clock News because he thought it sounded funny. The sketch, with Rowan Atkinson as “Gerald The Intelligent Gorilla”, became so ubiquitously quoted that, as a direct result, the term has now been accepted…

    Well, fancy that….


  12. Mark From Essex Says:

    A bamboozle.

  13. Ben Says:

    In descending order,

    A quirk, a strangeness, an oddness, a madness or an asylum of listeners.

    or a perverse one,

    a sobriety of listeners.

  14. Asat Says:

    Well it’s obvious, innit?

    A quiz of listeners. It already sounds plural and has a nice onomatopoeia about it. Plus it’s fun to say “christ, I got cornered in the market by a quiz and had to divert their attention with a half-finished sudoku!”

  15. Gordon the BritAmeriCanadian in Edinburgh Says:

    Like the man above said, definitely “a ball”. Potentially “a bloody ball” when things get particularly heated.

    Now answer my Tim question, right away!

    Gordon the BritAmeriCanadian in Edinburgh

  16. Tim Says:

    clearly, it has to be a ‘douche’ of listeners.

    one the one hand, the french means shower, which is what we are. a beautiful showering of podcast listeners.

    on the other self depricating hand, we are all kind of douchebags.

  17. Miles Says:

    At first I was thinking a download, or maybe a cast, or perhaps even a stream, but then the correct answer was obvious.

    A piss.

  18. Gareth from Glasgow Says:

    What about a feed of listeners, like a podcast feed? Eh?

  19. Bowman Says:

    How bout: a reference, an inquest, an enigma or a catechism of amt listeners?

  20. Rowan Messingham Says:

    A Burk of listeners
    A jagrafess
    A anthropomorphic giraffe
    A monkeeyspunk
    A scotch egg
    A conglomiration
    A leek
    An Alphabet sobriety
    A Necrophiliac
    A Keg
    A paradox
    A Bezzie
    A Stabbie Stabberson
    A rape
    A box
    An assortment
    A jealousy
    A stinkmunch
    A jelly potato
    A shoe shop
    A clog basket
    A Slag
    A blanche

  21. Pablo M Says:

    I can’t help thinking we should be an ignorance of listeners.

    Too obvious?

    Well kiss my predictable a.h.

  22. Graham of Stoke-on-trent Says:

    A wanksplash of listeners.

  23. Paul Marshall Says:

    A ball of AMT’s.

  24. Martin Says:

    “A Prick of podcasters”? alliteration is your ally.

  25. Stephen Says:

    listener are fans, so a group of them is a fanny.

  26. Laurence from York Says:

    A cuntwad of listeners?
    or alternatively an anal herpe of listeners?

  27. George Says:

    How about a gabble of Answer Me This listeners?

    Gabble: To talk fast, idly, foolishly, or without meaning

  28. Callum Says:

    Well, there are so many ones which could be ”the one”..here are my offerings…

    A Seduction of AMT listeners
    A Groan of AMT listeners
    A Cuddle of AMT listeners
    A Tumble of AMT listeners
    A Shambles of AMT listeners
    A Delight of AMT listeners
    A Dictionary of AMT listeners
    An Ecouter of AMT listeners
    A Martin of AMT listeners

    And finally…

    An orgy of AMT listeners.

    Well…I hope these provided some entertainment for some people…hope one of them gets picked…ha, if only 😛

  29. Emma Says:

    Having opened the first book that came to hand and chosen three words at random, I would like to suggest:

    A tweed of listeners
    A breakfast of listeners
    A blaze of listeners

  30. Nicola Says:

    A Rookery

    – a colony of breeding animals… like ‘Pin”guins 😉

  31. Davey Says:

    A bellowing of AMT listeners?

  32. Alex Says:


    My favourites are swarm and plague.

  33. Linda Says:

    A Query of AMT Listeners?

  34. Chris Says:

    A Conundrum of AMT listeners??

  35. Timmy Says:

    An asylum of AMT listeners?

  36. Francis from Suffolk Says:

    A ponder/query of AMT listeners?

  37. Gareth from Glasgow Says:

    A pod of AMT-listening pea-ps?

  38. Stephen Says:

    An Inquisition of Answer Me This listeners?

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