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Readers, it’s time to get your oar in to this romantic dilemma from Amelia from London:

I have recently started going out with this really nice guy. He is funny, smart and not a generic prat like most of the teenage boys I know.

But there is one problem: he is in the year below me and I keep getting called a cradle snatcher, amongst other things so offensive I dare not put them in this email for fear of upsetting Martin the sound man. So answer me this, What do I do?

Courage, Amelia; we think if you go for option 3, the potential teasing will abate pretty quickly – show no shame, and the haterzzzz really won’t have a great deal to go on. And actually, their reaction might be less bad than you think: thanks to Halle Berry, Demi Moore et al, being a cougar is all the rage these days!

But readers, what do you think? VOTE!

We’ve got an alternative suggestion too, if none of the above work: tell everyone he is in fact two years older than you, but was held back in school because he is very stupid.

And at least the whole affair is considerably less transgressive than this very modern romance.

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10 Responses to “Toyboy”

  1. Bill Wilson Says:

    One years difference is nothing, i agree – my wife is 10 years older then me!

  2. Nicole Nelson from Surrey Says:

    my ex was a year younger than me and everyone treated me like a freak. but the guy was really mature and nice (not in the end, hence me dumping him) and was 14 (me, 15) but i just ignored everyone and continued as normal and after a week or so everyone forgot about it. all you need to do is not mention him and if someone else asks you about him be honest but change the subject realtively quickly before the conversion gets uncomfortable. and if its people shouting that your a cradle snatcher then shout back and give hell because they totally deserve it for being such wankers.

  3. Ace Says:

    I know exactly how you feel, my last boyfriend was in the year below. I know its hard to ignore their comments but just snare back at them that at least you can get a guy. etc.
    All in all, if you love him, thats all that matters.

  4. Gareth from Glasgow Says:

    Martin the Soundman would have not been upset to read the words ‘paedy hoe’ in your e-mail. It’s his catchphrase.

  5. Thomas Says:

    Again, I see no problem in this. I am 14 and am seeing someone a year older than me. Age doesn’t really matter as long as you are comfortable in the relationship.

  6. Linda W Says:

    OK, so I’ve been out of school for quite awhile – but I’m 12 years older than my husband – and I have to say I’m lovin’ it! Don’t worry what people say. All that ever matters is that he treats you well, and you him!

  7. Luke Says:

    General rule: Acceptable range is between half your age plus seven and twice your age minus 14.

    And yes, this does seem to mean that you’re not allowed to go out with anyone until you’re 14, but thems the rules.

  8. Lucas Fenix Says:

    One year is not much of a difference at all to be honest, alot of married couples have more than 2 years difference in age.

    Although, as it sounds like a typical school fun-poking occasion it’s most likely that this situation is down to your peer’s immaturity.

    Once you’re out of high school and into further education or work then these matters are unimportant and usually ignored.

    If they persist, spread vicious lies (about one of the weaker ones in the group, or the sluttiest) about seeing them up the local supermarket with an older man (would an OAP be fitting?).

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