Pakistan, The Talkies and Wine Gum mind control


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We’ve got some feedback from you lot about the last couple of episodes. Firstly from Suhail from Pakistan:

In Episode 102, on the topic of the second most funniest podcast in the world, Olly suggested that there could be podcasts in other languages that you don’t know about – for example in Pakistan. Well you should be know that there are absolutely no comedy podcasts in Pakistan, so at least from my side I can say that you guys actually are second funniest podcast in the world.

Wahey! That’s all the proof we need, so thanks Suhail; we’ll press on getting our ‘2nd funniest’ medallions minted.

Next we heard from Robin from Southport, regarding Episode 103:

Listening to this week’s podcast took me back to my youth. ( I am probably your oldest listener, at a youthful 55 and three quarters.) You were discussing whether the cinema still shows the film if they haven’t sold any tickets. Back in the old days, when the cinema was known as the pictures, they used to show two films in a programme, the main feature and the B movie. They would show the films continuously.

We would go into the pictures when we arrived, and usually one of the films would be showing. We would then sit through both films, but when we got to the part of the film that was showing when we arrived, we would leave the cinema (unless it was a particularly good ending, in which case we would stay on and see the ending again). If we wanted we could arrive at the pictures as the shows started in the early afternoon and see the films several times, leaving after the last showing. This seems very strange, but in the 60s it was common practice. No wonder drugs became popular!

Frankly, watching films on a loop sounds far more our thing than the wilder aspects of the 1960s; but perhaps that decade would have been wasted upon us… Anyway, our final Will:

I do not regard myself as someone easily susceptible to advertising, but after hearing your latest podcast I left the house for a light lunchtime stroll and felt compelled to take a detour along the main road (which I never do) to buy some Wine Gums (which I have never done). I’m not even that fond of Wine Gums so the action immediately struck me as out of character. It only occurred to me hearing the podcast again that Wine Gums were a central feature and that – clearly -somehow you had used your clandestine persuasion tactics to compel me into buying them.

Answer me this: are you being paid a massive retainer by Maynards for podcast product placement? And are there any other major brands palming you off with cash? Should I expect to be buying a Blu-Ray Collector’s Edition of 7even even though I don’t have a Blu-ray player (nor know what Blu-ray is)? Or will I be booking last-minute holidays at Center Parcs next week, even though I live alone, have no remaining family and hate cycling?

Golly! As if we’d be veritably capable of such devious trickery. Our feelings are so hurt, Will.

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6 Responses to “Pakistan, The Talkies and Wine Gum mind control”

  1. Will Walker Says:

    no, i will happily keep my soul for other uses, such as exhange with st peter and devil worshipping

  2. Natasha from London Says:

    Laurie Pink- I was thinking exactly the same thing. Even on the Wikipedia page for flange (disambiguation), where it says that it’s a collective noun- for baboons though, not gorillas- how the term came about thanks to Not The Nine O’ Clock News.
    I’m dissapointed in you, Helen. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    Natasha. x

    • helenzaltzman Says:

      I feel no shame! As it happens I didn’t use Wikipedia for this, as I thought I should do some Proper Research. This has taught me never to do proper research again.

  3. Stephen Manton Says:

    They’re not being paid but I AM !! Haha rolling in all that subliminally obtained money muhahah

  4. Nicole Nelson from Surrey Says:

    love the subliminal message in the reply guys. well done!!

  5. Laurie Pink Says:

    Oh my heavens!

    Though I have been listening for a relatively short period (barely 3 months), I’ve managed to get quite a lot of episodes in in this time, largely thanks to an extended Without Broadband period while we were moving house. When in a wifi area with lap top to hand, I would download lots of Answer Me This & listen to it while I did novel things about the new house, like stride around our amazing new kitchen (about three small strides will cover it, but it really is worth doing), or wash the new floors lovingly.

    Anyway, I really didn’t expect Helen to fall into the old Flange of gorillas trap. For surely, being an nice middle-class academically minded girl, Helen watches QI?

    And was it not QI that taught us that the collective noun “flange” is the only example of a collective noun falling into common usage after being made up purely for comedy purposes? Flange was never a word for a group of gorillas, but was used for comedy effect on Not The Nine O Clock News’s “Gerald the Gorilla” sketch (“Wild? I was livid!”). After that it kept getting used & now it really is an accepted term.

    And if Stephen Fry says it’s so, it MUST be true.

    I expected Helen at any moment to go “Aha! But ACTUALLY…” and expose the myth. But she didn’t. And I was, frankly, disappointed. Not angry, just… disappointed.

    Unless it was a deliberate mistake to test us all? I bet that was it!

    Lots of love from Laurie

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