No more tears!


onion eyeball

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We’ve had a few tips from listeners regarding how to diminish the cry-powers of the onion, as discussed in Episode 102. Heed the advice of Oliver from Leeds:

Breathing in from your nose draws these chemicals into your eyes. Answer: breathe shallowly through your mouth while cutting onions, always worked for me.

I’ll try that; and maybe contact lens-wearer Olly can test what Jen in Wisconsin suggests:

I am a voracious home cook, and have worked in a cooking school. I wear contact lenses most of the time, and chopping onions hardly ever bothers me. But if I’m just wearing my glasses, then my eyes sting and water. I have never yet heard anyone talk about the fact that contact lenses protect your eyes from onion fumes. And they do have “vanity lenses”, so you can get contacts without corrective lenses.

Happy chopping!

So that‘s why Marilyn Manson always wears his silly cataract-lenses! We assumed it was to look creepy, but really it was to protect himself whilst preparing his soup-bases.

UPDATE: Lew from the Czech Republic advises:

This is a little bit of advice given to me by an Irish girl over twenty years ago. “Chop it in the garden, you stupid sod”. If you are outside, or even near a window or a door with a through draft, it will never make you cry. Such a sensible idea.

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2 Responses to “No more tears!”

  1. Jake from Norfolk Says:

    My tip i was told at a chef school is there is a little part of the onion you should chop out and it causes less fumes to be let off, this really does help, plus you can put it under someones pillow and watch them cry themselves to sleep

    it’s the bit that’s darker than the rest at the bottom.

  2. Gareth from Glasgow Says:

    Another good tip is keep them in the fridge, take them out about 30-60 mins before you prepare them, and stand very straight so your eyes are directly above the onion. That’s what ma grammy say.

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