Thursday Listening Party



On the Thursdays with no new AMT, we crank up the spoken word audio and have a
Thursday Listening Party.
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Thanks to the delightful Pitch podcast alerting me to it, I’ve been bingeing on Switched On Pop. It’s very fun and educational, especially the episode examining Justin Bieber’s recent work via existential philosophers. Once I’ve polished off all the episodes, I will be moving on to Between the Liner Notes.

Because everyone is podcasting now, Alanis Morissette has a podcast. One of you, listen to it and report back.

I teamed up with Song Exploder to make this Allusionist episode about vocables – the words like la, dum, baba etc in songs. Warning: ‘Agadoo’.

NB, fans of Tom Waits/Martin the Sound Man: Song By Song is now song by songing through The Heart of Saturday Night.

Not music!

Olly’s new podcast is here! You can get The Modern Mann at, as well as iTunes and Pocketcasts and whichever other places you get your podcasts.

After a hiatus, Martin’s Brain Train podcast is BACK! In the new episode, machines take over the world. Just to warn you.

I’ve been doing weekly Allusionists for the past month, because it’s Radiotopia‘s fundraising season. I’m TIRED! But excited! As well as the Vocables episode mentioned above, Criminal dropped by to talk about polygraphs and lying, and Roman Mars from 99% Invisible joined me to find out about eponyms – in this case Bic and Biro, which some of you have asked about before, so listen for the story. And if you fancy supporting the thirteen shows of Radiotopia, you can chip in a little at

I was also on the charming BBC Radio 3 show The Verb, which is also available as a podcast. The day’s theme was ‘backwards’, and I found out there used to be a synonym ‘arsewards’. Due a revival.

Tune into BBC Radio 4 this Saturday morning at 10.30am for their new series In Pod We Trust: I’ll be talking to Miranda Sawyer about AMT and Allusionist and what I like about podcasts.

You like podcasts too, right? Tell us which ones have been delighting you this week.

PS Catch up on AMT326, in which we consider Gogglebox, Russian dolls and the haka, and try to find a cure for crying at inopportune times.

PPS Fun fact: In Pod We Trust was one of the rejected names for AMT off the 2006 List Of Shame.


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