Casper the dead ghost



Retro feedback time! Jeff from Litchfield, New Hampshire has raised the spectre of mid-2013:

I was listening to episode 261 where someone asked how Casper the friendly ghost died. I have the answer.

According to issue #8 of Crazy magazine (December 1974) he was murdered by his abusive father after he watched his mother be stabbed to death. Later he got his revenge with Wendy the witch by letting his father’s new girlfriend burn alive and Wendy cast the the spell “Butcher knives fly like mad, and slice up Casper’s mean ole dad”.

I should mention that my mother bought me this issue when I was 6. I’m assuming she didn’t know this was in it.

And I’m assuming a 6-year-old didn’t clock that this is a parody, and Kaspar the Dead Baby is not canonical Casper the Friendly Ghost material. They have different names and faces:


Great material though. Abuse, murder, immolation – really LOLtastic.


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One Response to “Casper the dead ghost”

  1. Alice Says:

    Currently sat watching the good old 90s film of Casper (starring Christina Ricci) and thought of the AMT episode where you discuss how he dies, a quick google search brought me here. In this film he died because he played outside too late and he got sick, his dad then built a machine to bring him back to life called Lazarus. They discover Casper’s childhood bedroom and that’s how he remembers what happened. This film is way crazier than I remember!

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