EPISODE 312: phonemes gone wild


Steel yourself, because you’ll never look at highlighter pen(i)s in the same way again after you hear Answer Me This! Episode 312:

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Today we learn about:

working in Antarctica
Jews for Jesus
props in the House of Commons
Thomas Jefferson’s ice cream recipe
gold toilet paper
despatch boxes
Queen Elizabeth Land
not looking dodgy at night
House of Cards
Adolf Hitler, Bible-bomber
yogurt vs yoghurt vs yoghourt
the Guardian Style Guide
Quiztina Aguilera.

Plus: Olly’s pub quiz victory strategy is ruined by cocks; Helen would rather swear on the dictionary than the Bible; and Martin the Sound Man is vanilla-blind. Quick, throw a benefit gala for him!

There’s bonus Jews for Jesus jazz in today’s Bonus Bit of Crap on the App, available for iThings, Android and Windows gadgets.

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We’ll return on 30th April 2015 with AMT313, please return too!

Helen & Olly

••• AMT312 Child-Friendly Rating: 21%. Martin the Sound Man deploys the word ‘cunty’ in the first couple of minutes, but in protest at poor provision of services for the visually impaired, which is a cause your children ought to support. Shortly followed by a discussion of crude cock’n’balls drawings, with which the average child will already be more than familiar. Question about penis size at the end of the show. While the content is clean in between the penis references at either end of the show, there are a few swears sprinkled throughout. In sum: not an episode to enjoy on the school run.•••


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One Response to “EPISODE 312: phonemes gone wild”

  1. Claudia & Ignacio Says:

    Corrections to the episode 312 – Government of Antarctica
    Antarctica is ruled by the Antarctic Treaty since the 60s.
    Nine nations have territorial claims, but have agreed to put those claims aside as long as the Treaty is recognized.
    Today there are 50 signataries to the Treaty and they meet several times a year.

    The first line of the Treaty states that ” Antarctica is a continent dedicated to peace and science.

    Who cares??? Every government cares. Antarctica is considered of strategic importance. This is the reason all countries who can afford send a research mission there.

    The Antarctic Peninsula is claimed by three countries: Argentina, Chile and Great Britain. To assert their claim these nations give great importance to continued occupation. Both Chile and Argentina have tiny towns with military personnel. Great Britain has a Post Office in Goudier Island / Port Lockroy (a country can only operate mail on their territory).

    The significance of naming the area for Queen Elizabeth II is reinforcing Brittain territorial claims. Some claim it’s a response to Argentina’s agressive posture.

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