EPISODE 303: reeks of nostalgia and turkey fat


Happy Thanksgiving to AMT’s American pals! Today’s episode is thematically appropriate for you, since it involves a question about Disney’s turkey legs; so don your turkey boxer shorts and turkey tops, strap on your turkey watch, inhale the delicious scent of turkey, plug in your turkey headphones and listen to Answer Me This! Episode 303*:

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We also speak of such non-turkey topics as:

mirrors in the gym
sexy cheese
a pat from Paul Daniels
the Dewey Decimal System
Meville Dewey vs Melvil Dui
McDonald’s bagels
wanking into bagels
ripping off Starbucks
hidden Mickeys
Fifty Shades of Grey-based pranks
cat scat chat.

Plus: Olly favours almond milk over animal milk (maybe the question about cheesy handjobs put him off); size matters to Helen, when it comes to shelving second-hand books; and Martin the Sound Man is never going to be a serial TV quiz contestant

Today’s Bonus Bit of Crap on the App (available for your iDevices, Android and Windows gadgets) is stuffed full of praise for the bountiful foods of Manchester. If you like the sound of the Answer Me This! Christmas – and even Scrooge can get behind it – then you can buy it and episodes 1-170 as an early prezzie for yourself at answermethisstore.com. You’re funding the future of AMT with your purchases, so Thank You from the future!

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We’ll be back with AMT304 on 11th December 2014; stay out of trouble in the meantime,

Helen & Olly

••• AMT303 Child-Friendly Rating: 30%. Sweary from the off. Obscene question about cheese ten minutes in, followed by a Fifty Shades of Grey-based prank, then the possibly non-consensual and definitely unprotected sex in Phantom of the Opera. Overall, not an episode to listen to on the school run. •••

* And here is Helen sporting one of your traditional Thanksgiving hats:

NM ABQ chicken hat


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3 Responses to “EPISODE 303: reeks of nostalgia and turkey fat”

  1. jarthurstormer Says:

    flying from seattle to pittsburgh on thanksgiving day, my partner and i saw two men, one wearing one of those magnificent turkey hats in the chicago airport. we couldn’t agree on which one of them won the bet and which one lost.

  2. ilovewalkingdogs Says:

    Hi, Helen & Olly! I enjoy your podcast!

    I live in Colorado USA, and have seen the giant turkey legs at local Renaissance fairs and at our county & state fairs; not sure if Disney came up with the idea, but you’ll be saddened to know that the disgusting custom has spread throughout the land.

    Also, I’m new to your podcast, so pardon my impertinence, but has Martin always used echolocation to get around, or is he just practicing for a visit to the Grand Canyon (where they probably also sell turkey legs)?

    Morgan Shafer

  3. Andre R. Says:

    I understood Olly’s point about McDonald’s attaching the prefix Mc to products which they’ve originated, but the McFlurry would not fall into this category. Dairy Queen introduced the Blizzard in 1985. The McFlurry was released in 1998.

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