EPISODE 287 – a very expensive potty


Hello! You still have one day to catch the first half of our Radio 4 documentary to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the word ‘podcast’. The second episode airs 11am tomorrow, Friday 11th April, and features money-making from Roman Mars, baby-making from Theresa Thorn, and something absolutely puke-making from Keith and the Girl. UPDATE: here’s Part 2.

So please do listen to that, and also to Answer Me This! Episode 287:

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Today we contemplate such topics as:

the Man from Del Monte
Tony Benn’s chair
human statues
snooze buttons
kissing gates
Miffy vs Hello Kitty
Telford vs Jamaica
pedantry with partners
The Pageant of the Masters
listener Jessy’s missing colon, part II

Plus: Olly details the specifications for choosing his new alarm clock, so set your own alarm clock to jolt you back into consciousness afterwards; Helen comes up with a Doctor Who reboot for Matt Smith and an amazing sit- for a sitcom, so TV commissioners, prepare a bucket of cash and call her in for a meeting; and Martin the Sound Man won’t let you through a gate until you give him a little somethin-somethin. APPROACH WITH CAUTION.

Today’s Bit of Crap on the App, Helen gets doorbell envy. To hear all about that grievous condition, push the button on your iDevices, Android or Windows gadgets.

No need to envy other people’s nice websites – now you can build your own through Squarespace.com, who not only kindly funded today’s show, but are also offering you a 10% discount off their services for a whole year if you use the code answer. We used Squarespace to build answermethisstore.com and it was even easier to set up shop than it is to set up this shop.

Keep us in business by sending in your questions: call the Question Line (call 0208 123 5877 or Skype ID answermethis) or email answermethispodcast@googlemail.com.

Back in a fortnight,

Helen & Olly

PS Get well soon, Dave from Smethwick!

AMT287 Child-Friendly Rating: 95%.
No unsuitable content, aside from the demystification of Hello Kitty. An F-bomb is detonated during the discussion of keyboard shortcuts, but thanks to the subject matter, there’s no way your kids will be paying attention.


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8 Responses to “EPISODE 287 – a very expensive potty”

  1. Kaiser Of Crisps (@KaiserOfCrisps) Says:

    The one linguistic tic that really annoys me is people pronouncing “Would’ve” as “Would of” where they clearly enunciate the ”ve’ bit as ‘of’, as in, “I would of bought that book but I couldn’t read the title because I’m a braindead illiterate cunt.” But worse is when they WRITE it! NOOOOOOOOO you fuckwits! Anything else – inept use of apostrophes, maladroit use of “I” rather than “me” for example – I can pretty much tolerate or shrug off, but THAT is on the level of being the linguistic equivalent of a war crime. I’ve nearly punched people for doing that.

  2. Emma Syrup Says:

    Hmm, why has the BBC not made its podcast show into a podcast?

  3. Lycopene Says:

    Is Martin actually into Pretty Cure and the like? That’s great.

  4. wallacestudy (@wallacestudy) Says:

    Nope, Lew Wallace didn’t invent the snooze! 🙂 http://www.ben-hur.com/lew-and-the-snooze/

  5. RoddTodd Says:

    Sanderson DID work at Telford Development Corp:


  6. James C. Says:

    For the Swiss, colon-bereft woman on the go, why not just, “I’m so sorry, I’m in a rush, let’s chat later!” Would you really be offended if your fellow apartment dweller said this to you? If she feels the need to offer an explanation, a simple “It’s a health thing” should do. No deception necessary.

  7. James C. Says:

    What are these troubling overtones that Helen says the fez has? I mean, I guess that garish red overtone is quite troubling, but what else would disturb people?

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