anniversary bee tease



Readers, go to the comments and offer your answers to this riddle from Tara:

I’ve been with my lovely boyfriend for 11 months now. At the weekend, we began to talk about what to do for our one year anniversary (particularly special as neither of us has reached this milestone before).

We talked about re-living our first date; going to the same place to eat then out for cocktails then, being the classy individuals we are, fucking in a park.

But then the conversation turned to presents. He said he knew what he was going to get me. Being a nosy girl, I asked for clues and he came up with one, extremely cryptic pointer:

“Michael Jackson meets bees”…

So, answer me this: what could this mean?! I’m so confused! I can’t think of two things that could be less related! Or that I’m less interested in…

Famous plastic surgery plus stinging…I think I’ve got it! Your boyfriend is getting you a faceful of Botox. Happy anniversary!


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4 Responses to “anniversary bee tease”

  1. Ian Says:

    I’m thinking;
    Bees = HONEY
    Michael Jackson = MOONwalk
    But just call me a hopeless old romantic….

  2. Sam Says:

    I think I’d go with the others, an album name or something else (moon walking?) and then something bee-related or similar (hornet’s nest?!)?
    Also, assuming that he is not a dick and will get you something you want, what might you want ?

  3. Chris Says:

    I’m thinking along the lines of “Thriller” and buzzing,….

  4. moz Says:

    Some bad honey?

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