don’t eat the crayons



Mira has written in to warn against the crayon diet of AMT275:

While most people consider crayons non-toxic it is important to note that the paraffin is most likely made from petroleum (although it could also be made from coal extract) and the colors are pigment powders probably also made from petrochemicals.

A study from the University of Southhampton, published in The Lancet, showed a clear correlation between increased hyperactivity and ingestion of artificial colours. There are now some studies which are looking into the possibility of a link between petroleum products and carcinogenic effect.

So eating crayons is probably not as harmless as most people think it is.

Useful to know, Mira; and readers, remember: enjoy crayons responsibly.


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One Response to “don’t eat the crayons”

  1. Theo Says:

    Just want to point out that the letter about crayon eating which was read on the show was written by my wife would happened upon my computer with my email open, and thought it would be funny to send an embarrassing email in my name. While I do often read Moby Dick in the loo, I have never in my life eaten a crayon.

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