porn pal



Joe in Oxford could be getting himself into a sticky situation, in more ways than one:

My wife has a friend, who now does porn.

How annoyed would my wife have the right to be if I watched her friend’s videos, on a scale of 1 – mildly annoyed, to 10 – divorce?

Readers, go to the comments to express Joe’s wife’s annoyance in a number; but you may not want to waste your time, since he’ll have obviously watched the videos by now anyway regardless of the potential spousal fury.



3 Responses to “porn pal”

  1. Dave Ryan Says:

    1. How could you not be curious?
    nb. This question adds a certain something to Naga Muchetty’s facial expression at 8:26 this morning. Well done Olly!

  2. Mike Says:

    Don’t tell her = question redundant.

  3. Sam Says:

    Well, Joe, it depends how long you’ve been married. There’s bound to be a point at which she’ll thing that at least if you are watching porn, you aren’t cheating on her and that you are occupied and not out causing trouble elsewhere.

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