no, not THE Vancouver…




Following our discussion of London, Ontario last week, several of you have piped up about places that have the same name as another place but are not THE place. Says Emma:

I was just so excited that last week you mentioned Vancouver, Washington, and our struggle to differentiate ourselves from Vancouver, BC. I grew up in Vancouver, WA, and we had severe little dog syndrome. There are t-shirts in the local mall that read “Vancouver – NOT BC, Washington – NOT DC.” During the Vancouver winter Olympics we had loads of people trying to book rooms for the games in Vancouver, Washington. Idiots.

Actually, our Vancouver was founded before the one in Canada, but no one cares besides us.

To avoid such confusion, I’ve moved to New York City. Nobody asks which New York City you’re referencing.

Secondly, there ain’t no California Dreaming for Rebecca:

There’s a California in Great Yarmouth. That always used to make my childhood holidays sound more fun than they were.

As does the ‘Great’ in Great Yarmouth.


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