rules of retraction



You may not feel much sympathy for tall, young, lithe questioneer James, but stick with his question because he needs your help (or the help of one of those sinister adverts in the back of magazines for mail-order penis pumps):

I am a 6’3″, 16st, muscular, fit and healthy, 25-year-old male. It would also be fair to say that I haven’t been “short changed” in the trouser department.

So… Helen and Olly, answer me this:

Why is it that after I exercise my penis resembles a small acorn?

For around an hour after I exercise, my penis decides to retreat. Most wouldn’t see this as a problem, or even noteworthy. However, it turns post-workout showers into a very shy affair, compared to pre-workout showers where I can hold my head up high.

Is there a biological reason for this? If so, please put my mind to to rest.

Biologists! Physiotherapists! Gym instructors! Penis experts! If you’re reading this, please go to the comments and offer James your opinion. Are his exercises perhaps causing his muscles to retract and withdraw his gentlemanly organs? Does he need special gym-pants? Or should he just stop worrying about the shower-gawkers? Help him: his penis self-esteem is in your hands.


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One Response to “rules of retraction”

  1. elianara Says:

    I’ve understood that yes, there is a biological reason for this. The fact that your penis retracts just shows that you actually have worked out, and not just been hanging around. It’s a normal reaction, where basicly the blood you normally have in your penis have more important things to do, mainly maintain the muscles you’ve just worked out.

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