Disney vs duffel bags



Trevor in Tucson is a duffer of duffels:

My girlfriend and I just exchanged Christmas presents the other day and, for Christmas, she’s taking me to Disneyland. I got her a duffel bag.

Answer me this, what can I do to make up for the fact that I got her a shit present?

Pull something pretty incredible out of the (not duffel) bag, Trevor! A swanky weekend away might work, or showering her with luxuries when you’re at Disneyland – I’ve never been so I don’t know, but is there something like Dumbo’s Champagne Bar or Bambi’s Spa and Pedicure lounge?

Readers, go to the comments and help a man out before his girlfriend pushes him off the tallest turret of the Disney castle.


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2 Responses to “Disney vs duffel bags”

  1. Paul Robinson Says:

    Trevor could buy another present but perhaps they should have set a limit then neither could be embarrassed, I f one decided to break the limit it is up to them.

  2. mmillmor Says:

    Hang on a minute. There seems to be an assumption here that Trevor is in the wrong. She has decided she wants to go on holiday to Disneyland, and rather than talking over holiday destinations with her boyfriend, she has just gone and booked it without his consent. That’s a pretty presumptuous thing to do. And I’m willing to bet that while the base cost of the holiday may have been met, there’s a ton of costs on top of that – food, airport parking, mouse ears and so on. That’s not cool. Also, springing expensive presents on someone without warning is not cool either. It makes the receiver feel awkward, as evidenced by Trevor’s e-mail. Trevor, if you allow this kind of behaviour to continue, you are in for a world of pain. In 5 years time she’ll be maxing out your collective credit cards and you’ll be paying the price as the Repo man takes your TV away to pay for the new designer cushions she bought to make the house look pretty. Time to put your foot down before this gets out of hand.

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