Paul Merton: leftie




To the left, to the left, is Paul Merton always looking at a box to the left? You listeners don’t agree with Olly’s hypothesis from AMT241, but nor do you agree with each other. Firstly, Joss in Smethwick posits:

My ears pricked up when you mentioned Paul Merton’s tendency to look off-screen to his left. You suggested that he does this after telling a joke in order to get a second laugh. I’m afraid this cannot be the answer because, as you will now notice next time you watch the show, he does it most of the time.

I know this because I spotted it once and now I can’t not see it all the time.

I think I’ve worked it out though. He appears to do it more when the host is talking. I think he is reading the autocue along with the host, possibly so he can think of his responses before the fact or maybe it’s just a habit.

This hypothesis is corroborated by Jack in Gateshead:

He’s watching the presenter’s autocue – it’s very different to the general looks he give to the audience.

He does this a lot more these days. I noticed it first when they had particularly feckless guest presenters, but he now does it non-stop. You can see him reacting to gags before they’re read out, especially the bad ones.

However, Tom from York disagrees:

Paul Merton isn’t looking stage left, he’s looking straight out to the audience. His desk is at an angle to the front of the stage, but the mid-shots are parallel to the desk, so it looks like he’s looking left. But he’s not. Just to clear that up.

I’ve got another theory: Paul Merton favours the right side of his face, one of the many things he and Mariah Carey have in common.

More news of other well-known figures of the entertainment industry, as featured in AMT241 – Nina writes:

Last week you were discussing the Brand New Heavies. Previous member Jay Ella Ruth is actually now an English teacher at Chiswick School (in Chiswick). She is eccentric but a lovely teacher.

I know this because she teaches me!!!!

Anyone else out there taught by ex-members of the acid jazz movement?


2 Responses to “Paul Merton: leftie”

  1. James C. Says:

    Maybe you could call him and ask?

  2. Paul Robinson Says:

    I think the audience go all the way round so he is directing his comments to the audience to his left so that the feel part of thngs, I always assumed the Autocue was directly in the line of the Presenter after all he is the only one who needs to look at the autocue as the others just have to react to he or she says and the others only have to react to the first contestant.

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