“I lvovoveee youhjhkkfddssakwrffvzzzzzzzz”


You recall David from AMT212, the man who I advised against sending his crush a fake drunken text confessing his emotions? Here’s the next installment of his story:

In the end I didn’t send a soberly-made drunk text that I later regretted, mostly in part due to Helen’s accurate accusation that that would make me a dickhead. No. Instead I managed to send an actual drunk text in which I managed to simultaneously remind him that he was smarting from a recent breakup and also that I am apparently a bit of a loser.

He took it remarkably well, which only made it worse when I managed to send him a second drunk text not two nights ago saying almost exactly the same thing, except this time he didn’t reply. So basically…shit.

Answer me this: what should I do now? Pursue him one more time? Or learn to know when I’m beaten (albeit by my own idle thumbs)?

Firstly, install Drunkblocker on your phone.

Secondly, send him a brief SOBER email apologising for the drunk texts, explaining that you were nervous because you really like him, and then ask him out. On a date. A date for coffee or ice-cream or ANYTHING WITHOUT BOOZE IN IT. At this point you appear to have nothing to lose, so you might as well be honest about your feelings, and in doing so hopefully make some amends.

If he still does not respond, then you’re going to have to deploy your radar to find a new stealth gay. Unless readers have any better ideas? Go to the comments and help out David, and please, do not type whilst under the influence.


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3 Responses to ““I lvovoveee youhjhkkfddssakwrffvzzzzzzzz””

  1. Lucas Says:

    First of all you seem to have an issue with alcohol; seek medical help. Secondly I do hope he never looks at your face again and you learn a lesson from that; drunkness is despicable and that is what I would do if I was harassed by someone who seems to be drunk every time he contacted me. I know this sounds nasty but I mean it in a nice way!

  2. Patrice Says:

    Send him a cock shot.

  3. James Lazenby Says:

    Give up on him. He’s not interested. You’re young and apparently a bit of a lush so I’m sure you’ll find other gays to swoon over who will return the affection.

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