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** Click here for Episode 183 **

If this isn’t all too Inception for you… perhaps you would like to hear a podcast about podcasting?

It’s a special edition of The Radio Academy‘s weekly podcast RadioTalk. The show is usually presented by benign Brummie overlord Trevor Dann, and is typically about Important Issues relating to the world of radio, such as, ‘DAB’s a bit of a mixed blessing, isn’t it?’ and ‘Where is Salford, anyway?’

But this episode is presented by us, and we took our opportunity at the reins to talk all about podcasting, and ignore radio almost entirely. On a show called RadioTalk! Hahahahahhaha! Hear for yourself:
You can also download it from the Radio Academy’s website here, or subscribe to it on iTunes.

We were very lucky to be joined by some awesome guests from the world of British podcasting: The Guardian‘s Francesca Panetta (producer of the Sony Award-winning Hackney Podcast); Luke Moore from the wildly popular Football Ramble; Andrew Collins out of Collings and Herrin and BBC 6 Music; and James Stirling, producer of our beloved Adam and Joe Show. We even managed to grab a few words with The Bugle’s Andy Zaltzman. How DID we manage to blag that?

The panel, L-R: Helen, Francesca Panetta, James Stirling, Luke Moore, Olly

P.S. If you enjoyed this, you can also hear us on the panel of the BBC’s College of Production podcast about podcasting, which you can find here.

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