EPISODE 178 – big comely nuts


Good day to you, dear listeners,

In Answer Me This! Episode 178, we finally discover the point of marriage. It’s not for the love, or for religion, or for the kids. It’s not even for the presents or the party. So what the flap is it for?

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Therein we mention:

the universal train ticket
Eliphas Levi
Buzz Aldrin’s pants
Helen’s slutty mum
the goat of lust
the shittest ride at Thorpe Park
Tetley Tea
Helen and Martin’s divorce settlement
the price of nuts.

Plus: Olly wouldn’t want to be the centre of attention on The Happiest Day of His Life (because that would make it too similar to all the other days of his life); Helen operates an equal opportunities policy for animals – she’s happy to cook and eat the ugly ones AND the pretty ones; and Martin the Sound Man tells you how to trap an evil spirit. All you need is a pair of compasses, a ruler and some chalk.

In this week’s Bonus Bit of Crap on the App (available on iPhone or Android), a question from horticulturist Stephen makes us go all Gardener’s Question Time. It must be the smell of manure on the rosebeds that makes Olly hallucinate about a time when we’re wealthy and successful, because if you want your own country pile with 100 acres, don’t ever go into podcasting. EVER.

We do love to hear from you, so please get on the phone (0208 123 5877), the Skype (look for answermethis) or the email answermethispodcast@googlemail.com and ask us your QUESTIONS. If AMT were a sausage, your questions would be the minced pigbits, we would be the rusk and additives. And I think we’ve all just learnt why analogies involving sausages are not a good idea.


Helen & Olly


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5 Responses to “EPISODE 178 – big comely nuts”

  1. Maria, in Liverpool Says:

    McDonald’s macaroons? Actually, they do exist (in McDonald’s France, bien sur!). I was just in Paris last weekend and must confess I did buy one (or six) and they were pretty damned good.

  2. Eleanor Says:

    Hi Helen and Olly – Like Helen’s mum, my mum also uses slut as a term of mild abuse for someone deficient in domestic management. She also used to use the term “screwing around” to mean messing about, as in “I’ve been screwing around in this skirt all day.” Sadly as a young teenager (in the 80s) I only became aware of the more common meaning of the term when I used it in the company of my friends on one memorable occasion……!

  3. Vikki Says:

    Don’t you mean x:no way in. How much walking do they make you do for you to actually get to the rollercoster? Who thought it was so bad that even in the dark they needed to ‘liven it up’ by (what I’m told is meant to be a crash) shunting you backwards and forwards while doing very bright strobing lighting. That ride always gave me headaches, my mum neck pain and my dad head and neck pain. This was back in the 90’s, how is it still there?

    Sent from my iPod

  4. Charlie the Wanghouse Says:

    My dad works as an accountant for BT, so he gets a free mobile phone, we’ve got a house full of landline phones and we don’t pay for landline calls or internet acess. Also, he’s been given several homehubs, so we now have three or four wifi signals to use.

  5. Davey, from Aberystwyth. Says:

    Furthermore to the Universal Railway Ticket thing, I happen to know someone who has this. However, it doesn’t mean that you can have unlimited use of the railways. Technically, they’re meant to be used for leisure and not for business (thereby stopping people from using them on the commute to work every day). Although in practice…let’s face it, who’s gonna argue if you do use it daily?

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