EPISODE 169 – Milton Keynes, City of Dreams


This week, listeners, we go on a journey. Don’t worry – it’s not an emotional one like they have on reality shows! We go from Great Yarmouth to Gibraltar, California to Celebration, and end up in Utopia. It must be good if Cliff Richard is skating around it. Anyway, strap in and travel along with us in Answer Me This! Episode 169 (dudes):

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We also consider:

Sam Cooke vs. Claire Tully
razor clams
dirty sexy waxworks
dusky pink
Alisha’s Attic
cork floors
creative management tips from Jeffrey Archer
bathroom predictions from Sarah Beeny
dried apple
pork six-pack

Plus: Olly wonders why toilet seat vendors have missed the opportunity to part this fool and his money; Helen fails to reap the full entertainment offered by a bowel movement; and Martin the Sound Man wishes* that the whole world could be as democratic where men’s crotches are concerned as Madame Tussaud’s is. If that’s not enough crotch for you for one week, today’s Bit of Crap on the App is us reminiscing about that 90s TV trend to line naked men up behind a screen then leer at their genitals. Relive those glory days of The Word with us on iPhone or Android.

It’s Lent next week, but we’re not going to give up answering QUESTIONS, so send them as voicemails to the Question Line (dial 0208 123 5877 or findanswermethis on Skype) or emails to answermethispodcast@googlemail.com. Not that Lent holds much sway with atheist Jews, mind.

See you next week, for AMT170!

Helen & Olly

* He also wishes that you stick around till the very end of the episode to hear one of the songs off his new album ‘Songs from the Scientific Cabaret’. Make his wish come true, do. And come to see him play at the Geekpop festival on 10th March, why not? Because you’ll have given up geeky pursuits for Lent? Liar!


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5 Responses to “EPISODE 169 – Milton Keynes, City of Dreams”

  1. Robert Kuhl Says:

    Thank you for spreading the word that Visalia, CA (and the rest of the San Joaquin Valley) is a giant shit hole.

  2. Sarah J Says:

    Martin, the new album is lovely

  3. Megan Says:

    Surely sexual incentives are the way forward? Just an idea.

    Also, Yarmouth is a barnacle on the face of Norfolk.
    If you want lovely coastal towns, go to Wells, Sheringham, or Cromer. All lovely and quaint little seaside towns, much better than Yarmouth. And there’s a Jane Austen quote about Cromer carved into the floor of part of the promenade, so literary too 🙂

  4. Cassandra Says:

    Here’s a suggestion for the lady who’s having a hard time motivating herself to write:

    There’s a site called writeordie.com that ties your failure to write directly to unpleasant consequences. Go to the site, plug in your word goal, and the time you want to spend writing and start typing. If you zone out for too long, it’ll prod you with irritating noises (like crying babies) or start deleting the words you’ve already written.

    Sure, your prose might come out kind of loopy, but at least you’ll have something to revise.

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