EPISODE 156 – bullies and interlopers of the bird world


Thanks to everyone who has already bought our book and/or reviewed it on Amazon. And thanks to all of you in advance for listening to Answer Me This! Episode 156:

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Amongst many other things, we consider:

the Augean stables
Green Shield Stamps
Miami Fried Chicken
Gavin Bryars
home economics vs. cookery class
cowardice vs. gullibility
Sperm Wars
Littlewoods Index
The Shadows
peppermint creams
Take your Child To Work Day
Jerry Yang and David Filo
scaredy chickens
played by Mel Gibson
Richard Tompkins
Jules Leotard
Sarah Harding
heaven on Earth in Canada.

If that’s not enough, this week’s nugget of bonus content on the app, we marvel at the young Olly Mann’s love of theatrical PR. A wickle Cameron Mackintosh, how cuuuute! His parents must have been so proudconfused.

You know what would make us happy? YOUR QUESTIONS! Deliver them to us via the Question Line (0208 123 5877), Skype (our handle is answermethis), or email (answermethispodcast@googlemail.com). You know what else would make us happy? If you can pop along to one of our forthcoming book events, the first of which is 6pm Thursday 18th November at Waterstone’s Gower Street. You know what else would make us happy? A nice cup of tea. We’ll sort that out, while you work on the other two happiness-makers.

See you next week!

Helen and Olly

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6 Responses to “EPISODE 156 – bullies and interlopers of the bird world”

  1. Daisy Says:

    I agree with Golux

    I think the animal skin is because the strongmen (or whoever dresses them) are referencing the ultimate strongman Hercules – oddly the subject of the question prior to this. Hercules’ first labour was to kill the Nemean lion and bring back its skin, so he has been depicted wearing a lion skin in Classical art and ever since. He’s also usually shown carrying a club – as are strongmen.

    This visual iconography would have been much more obvious to Classically educated Victorians than to us. As for why leopard rather than lion, all I can suggest is that it looks jazzier and shows up better in black and white photos (lion fur being a similar light/darkness to human skin).

  2. R. M. Says:

    In regards to the bully who likes sticking pencils in his crack. I think the next time the physics student is in class behind the anally fixated bully he should have a mechanical pencil filled with itching powder instead of lead on the off chance that the bully decides to pull the same trick again. This would require some ingenuity and luck. Such a trick may also result in a beating after school but if it works it would be so worth it.

  3. Rin Lehtisaari Says:

    Re: Strongmen in Sexy Leopard Skin

    Eugen Sandow wrote, in his book Body-Building, or man in the making: “amongst the many fine statues is that of the Farnese Hercules, from the contemplation of which during a visit to the museum that I first conceived the idea of developing my body to the same pitch of perfection as was represented in the antique sculpture.” (1898)

    Sandow was a student in body building of Louis Durlacher aka Professor Attila…whom there are images of wearing a leopard ‘leotard’ outfit with a club… much like the other poster had mentioned Hercules is often portrayed with.

    Many body builders wore outfits of Roman Soilder or like Attila would wear leopard briefs…
    but Attila physically fits the stereotypical strongman looks. Leopard, hollow round dumbell (which he invented) and the classic mustache.



  4. Golux Says:

    Re strongmen wearing a leopard/lion skin costume.
    The answer to this may lie in your earlier discussion of Hercules: his first task was to kill the Nemean lion and thereafter he wore the lion’s skin as a trophy. Since he was the archetypal strongman and is commonly depicted with his club and lion skin cape, perhaps this was the model for the strongman costume?

  5. Goodyc2c Says:

    Your hard sell on the book at the end of the epi got the in my brain and reminded me of this classic Jay Sherman clip. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDTwO0TlwOU&feature=youtube_gdata_player

  6. Richard Horsman Says:

    In the US shops like Argos are (or I suppose were, since I haven’t seen one in ages) called “catalog showrooms”. Probably the best known was a chain called Service Merchandise. They were usually unspeakably dreary.

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