hijack hijinks


** Click here for Episode 155 **

Youthful prankery now from James in Salisbury:

I just finished listening to episode 155 and have a story in response to Olly’s ‘Paedophile coach’ story.

In our School, we were on our way to our City Hall on a Coach. The Coach in question was stuck in traffic, and we found a sheet of paper. And an idea formed in our hormone-driven minds….

We decided to write ‘Hostage Situation’ on the paper, and tape it to the back window of the coach. To add effect, we made one unfortunate student place his bag over his head, making him look like a captive, making him face the drivers behind us, who in all seriousness looked a little bit shocked.

Just thought I’d share this with you, only because to us, it was fucking hilarious.

Thanks for sharing, James. Although we’re not sure a schoolbag over the head gives a suitably convincing ‘Abu Ghraib’ effect.

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One Response to “hijack hijinks”

  1. James (From Salisbury) Says:

    In response to the schoolbag, in our defense it was the closest thing to hand. A plastic bag would have most definatly killed the unfortunate, and to be honest nobody likes having a dead body on their hands.

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