EPISODE 129 – intelligence is multiparametric


Praise be for the forthcoming long weekend (even though it’s all thanks to Jesus having copped the death penalty, and we’re not usually fans of capital punishment)! Anyway, if you can find the time between Easter egg hunts, drawing a comedy moustache on the Turin Shroud, or mopping up your stigmata, have a listen to Answer Me This! Episode 129:

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On today’s dance-card are:

waxed toilet paper
Sharon Stone’s clever fanny
Supergrass’s supersideburns
pubic papercuts
Alex James and Betty Boo
Love Never Dies
Andre the Giant
Glenn Miller
Mr Darcy
the defilement of Jo Guest
Hymn-Singing for Dummies.
‘Bugger’s grips’.

Plus: Olly proves that putting him in charge of the 2009-10 Swan and Duck Census was not a wise decision; Helen looks like she has emotions, but it’s just a bad case of pins-and-needles; while Martin the Sound Man would never got his DPhil in walking along in a straight line without incident. Crash! Thwomp! Oh, Martin… Anyway, while he’s falling over nonexistant obstacles, you can listen to him doing an interview on the Rewind Podcast in which he talks about the time he banged Tiger Woods his music and stuff.

This week, we would like your ideas for a responsible revenge for Ky from Harrogate to wreak upon his Paypal fraudster; please take yourself to the comments on this post and chip in on the matter. Then, as per, please do ask us QUESTIONS, by emailing answermethispodcast@googlemail.com or leaving a voicemail on Skype ID answermethis or our question line 0208 123 5877. That would be even more super-sweet than a Creme Egg with a sugar-lump shoved into the fondant.

See you next Thursday!

Helen and Olly

PS This week’s jingle challenge entries is one of Olly’s favourites, despite it featuring an enthusiastic rendition of an email address which we don’t actually possess. Nonetheless, take it away, Krista and Heather:

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21 Responses to “EPISODE 129 – intelligence is multiparametric”

  1. Maria Says:

    Sign him upto endless gay porno sites and make free puppies posters with all his details on them. Have fun

  2. john Says:

    You don’t have his email or details. You have the email he used to hack you, not the same thing. Welcome to toothless victimhood

  3. Hannah Says:

    Sign him for some illegal kind of porn 🙂
    Then the police will knock on his door resulting in total and utter humilation 🙂

  4. TPRJones Says:

    Well, I would be inclined to try to cost this guy as much as he tried to steal from you. In this case, the target is $400.

    One method would be to locate every delivery establishment in his area – pizza places, chinese takeout, out-call masseuses, etc. Then call them up and arrange for $400 worth of food and services to be delivered to his door – cash due, of course – all at once.

    If doing this, though, care should be taken to mask your identity when placing the orders, as this is probably a bit illegal as well.

  5. Fran from Meribel, France Says:

    Actually, do it on straight dating sites. Hell have no fury and all…

  6. Fran from Meribel, France Says:

    Similar theme to above; place an ad from him on as many gay dating websites as you can find, stating him as looking for as as explicit action as you can think of. Set up some fake dates, leave them his address, and hopefully some really pissed off stood up guys will go and beat the shit out of him on your behalf.

  7. Sophie Says:

    All you have to do is find a really well known blog, with loads of readers and/or commenters. Then write something really far-out as a comment that will make people angry, leave his email in the email box and opt in for notifying follow-up comments by email. Then wait for everyone else to give him grief for you!

  8. George from Hackney Says:

    Obviously reporting him to Paypal/the police/appropriate authorities is the right thing to do – also, while you’re at it, you may get some money back this way.

    But if you have a younger sibling/child/friend who is willing to play along, you could report this sucker for “grooming” in chatrooms. I’m not sure how you’d fake the evidence, but (s)he is clearly not that bright, so it might be worth a go, if you’ve the time, inclination, and boundless capacity for evil.

    Happy hunting!

  9. Adam from Belfast Says:

    Get a load of credit cards in his name, fly to america, beat the shite clean out of him… job done

  10. Bruce Says:

    Anybody else not able to download the episode this week? It’s not working on iTunes either…

  11. tom from eastbourne Says:

    just buy a gun, go round to his house and shoot him. job done

  12. TheNose Says:

    It could be that that both the e-mail address and postcode are fake, or that the e-mail account was set up just for the sake of receiving the password, so there wouldn’t be any point to seek revenge on them. I’d just contact the authorities or sort things out with Paypal or whatever.

  13. Mike from Bath Says:

    Nicolette from Alderney, I was a member of MENSA for a year (I did it for my CV) and didn’t feel the need to renew my membership beyond that. You’ll get the main magazine every month and a regional one if it exists. There are some interesting articles occasionally, but AMT is more frequent, funnier and free! There are lots of events advertised as well but I have to admit I didn’t go to any of them so I don’t know what they’re like. If I had to go on a £100 flight, do the tests and pay the subscription to be a member again I would be unlikely to do it. Tell everyone you aced the IQ test and spend the money on Creme Eggs 🙂

  14. Phil Says:

    Post him some anthrax spores/dog shit. This will stink out his house and give him some kind of disease.

  15. Polly Says:

    send him a letter saying you are calling the olice because of what he has done and then work out what day he should recieve the letter, leave it 3 days so he is shitting a brick and then call the cops and send him an email from a fake account abusing him p.s sign him up to porn as well! this will be childishly satisfying! loves xxx

  16. Jacob from Canterbury Says:

    Track him down, stick the police on him, then stand outside his house and laugh heartily as he is dragged away by the cops.

    Then break into his place and steal his stuff.

  17. Kevin Says:

    the ultimate revenge? i would recommend befriending this man on msn, arrange to meet him for a coffee and kick the shit out of him.

    Many Thanks!

  18. Rhys from Bridgend Says:

    Ohh! I have an even better one. Create a facebook group with all his details on etc. Then post on it ‘this fucker hacked my paypal…’ and get the public to email him. That would be epic.

  19. Rhys from Bridgend Says:

    I have a great revenge. Sign his email address up to EVERY niche porn site you can find. Make sure he’ll be getting hundreds of emails a week. I have done this myself on a smaller scale. You could give his email to your friends, asking them to send him an abuse email each. They then pass it onto their friends and the cycle continues. Good luck Ky and have fun doing so.

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