Now, That’s What I Call Music. And Cheese.

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So, how’s our Jingle Challenge going, then?

The first five entries are in, fighting it out for viewers on YouTube to win a very special prize. Shriek!

First out the traps was James S from Lincolnshire, who took our Question Line number and made it sound a bit like the Hollyoaks theme:

Then came this catchy effort from merbs42, which lingered a little too long on Martin the Sound Man for Olly’s liking, but was otherwise very charming, and achieved the rare feat of making leprosy seem in any way desirable:

If we were going to get all wanky about it, the third video response we received, from eucharyst, is more of an ‘ident’ than a jingle, seeing as it’s essentially a spoken-word sketch and not a song. But since it so excellently approximates the House Style of early Answer Me This!, (the rock n’roll years) we will most definitely let him have it:

There was a bluesy-folk feel to entry No.4, which came from a young man by the name of thethickisplottened:

(We confess to being rather partial to this. Though that is largely because we also like this video he made about cheese):

The fifth and final entry so far is from Matt1046: a knees-up, Los Colorados-style Soviet singalong with some accomplished animated visuals:

So, there you have it.

A strong start to what is shaping up, as always, to be a tremendous competition. And it’s certainly not too late to give it a go: remember, Brad and Josh’s victorious ‘double entry’ to our 2008 Camcorder Challenge wasn’t submitted until quite late into the process, and there’s still weeks to go – so it’s all to play for. Literally.

Best of luck!

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3 Responses to “Now, That’s What I Call Music. And Cheese.”

  1. Matt1046 Says:

    Are we allowed to enter twice?
    I had just finished mine and then I started thinking of more answer me this related japery.
    Don’t think I can be arsed with a video this time though.

  2. daveyhampton Says:

    I love the last one. It’s a doozy.

  3. wehatepeanuts Says:

    Does This Mean I Can’t Enter Then?

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