Sorry son, we assumed our love of boffing was genetic.


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Cover your eyes, clutch your pearls, and have a big cringe along with Sean from Kings Lynn:

A couple of weeks ago my parents presented me with a plastic box, while they stood there I opened it to reveal they had given me 200+ condoms, amongst them there was pineapple flavour!

So, Answer Me This:

What’s The Weirdest Thing Your Parents Have Given To You As A Present? (Olly Excluding The Thong!)

Well, if you’re excluding the thong, Sean (Episode 89 if you need a refresher, people!), then Olly is going to have to stand down this round. But between you lot, you must have memories of some time when your parents celebrated your birthday or Christmas with a big beribboned box of Wrong, in comparison to which Sean’s parents merely look like health campaigners urging Sean to remember to practice safe sex and eat his Five A Day. Am I right? Then please share in the comments!

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5 Responses to “Sorry son, we assumed our love of boffing was genetic.”

  1. Katie Says:

    My Mum made me give my brother condoms because she was too embarrassed to. They were MY CONDOMS aswell. Eugh. Inappropriate.

  2. Michael Bush Says:

    My boyfriend’s Mum recently bought him a big old flasher jacket, like the kind Inspector Gadget wears. Two sizes too big for him.

  3. Daniel Else Says:

    The weirdest and most unusual thing my folks ever got me was probably a pair of old boots that didn’t fit

  4. Callum Says:


  5. Mariam Says:

    Well, it’s better than socks.

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