EPISODE 119 – a beautifully choreographed dance between two men in leotards


***WARNING: This episode contains spoilers
about the 1994 Coen brothers film
The Hudsucker Proxy***

Undaunted? Then by all means listen on, but don’t complain to us when you get to the 19th minute and discover that 15-year-old plot twist:

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This week we bang on about:

Philip Larkin’s debut novel
the three second rule
Tom of Finland
Sir Patrick Mayhew
Jason and the Argonauts
Lorraine Kelly, record-breaker
Stephen Fry’s Paperweight
Sir Menzies Campbell
Rick Witter
the Milton Keynes Snow Dome
Vince McMahon
urethral openings
raw chicken
Brewster’s Millions

Also: how Olly breaks wind stealthily; how Helen’s congenital squint ruined Up for her; and how bananas work, according to Martin the Sound Man. You’d been wondering for years what secrets those little bastards were concealing, hadn’t you?

As ever we’re greedy for YOUR QUESTIONS, so ask ask ask via answermethispodcast@googlemail.com, Skype ID answermethis or the question line 0208 123 5877. We’re very grateful to all of you who shared your stupid nicknames last week – which everyone else can enjoy here; this week, you have the easy task of leaving a comment with your answer to Jorge from Mexico’s question, telling us what you would like to do for one day and one day only. Nothing too blue, please; the shock could kill us.

Also, if you are planning on doing any pre-Christmas Amazon orders, would you be a tremendous dear and log onto their site via this link first? Your Amazonian shopping experience will be 100% the same; however we will then get approx. £0.0000001, which we can put towards a new microphone, or the high-class courtesan we’ve been saving up for. Much obliged to you.

See you next week!

Helen and Olly

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4 Responses to “EPISODE 119 – a beautifully choreographed dance between two men in leotards”

  1. John Naruwan Says:

    Hilarious episode – many, many genuine laugh-out-loud moments. Cheers!

  2. Kayleigh Says:

    Howdy ho, Answer Me This folk!
    Now, you may have gotten some quibbles about this from other people, and I have no idea why I’ve suddenly decided to champion the cause of standard American pronunciation, but I feel I must set you straight.
    Having spent my entire life in the Southern and decidedly redneck-y US state of North Carolina, I’ve had a cursory exposure to the world of pro wrestling, and vaguely recall hearing Vince McMahon’s name in childhood. Anywho, I have to admit I giggled after I realized that “Vince McMah hun” was the same man. Stateside, we pronounce it “McMan.” The same is true for former Tonight Show sidekick Ed McMahon. Oh, silly Brits.

  3. Rachael Says:

    Hello AnswerMeThis people

    You were talking about 3D specs for the Up movie (which i loved) and then I think (altho my ears might be deceiving me coz I’ve got a really horrid cold) you were talking about 4D films, so I just thought I’d let you know that in Universal Studios in LA there is a 4D Shrek movie. I won’t ruin the surprise in case you or any of your listeners ever go, but what I will say is that certain parts of it scared the living shit out of me, and I didn’t like it AT ALL!

    Anyway, hope you’ve all had a good weekend, and that you have a good week ahead of you


  4. StyX Says:

    Great ep. Just finished your backlog, now have to wait a whole for next one. Boo

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