Piercings illustrated


Here are the pictures which accompany Jessii’s tale of two piercings in Episode 108.

Exhibit A: the aftermath of the arm piercing

Exhibit A: the aftermath of the arm piercing

Obviously not a particularly desirable bodily adornment, but much less grisly than we were expecting; it looks like a pair of coldy nostrils.

Exhibit B: pierced hips

Exhibit B: pierced hips


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19 Responses to “Piercings illustrated”

  1. hope Says:

    dude, this is sweeet.
    do you have to be a certain age to get this?
    it loooks really cutee.

  2. georgiaa Says:

    im 14 and im getting my hip done:)
    i reslly like how its just a simple dimond

  3. Lizzy Says:

    Okay big question!! I love the hip piercings but i think it looks so much better with just the one stud! How in the world did you get that and what is it called??

    • sarah Says:

      this is called a microdermal piercing. its like a normal earing type piercing that is inserted into wherever you want it but the end is flared like a fish hook. once you have this piercing you cant take it out. if you wish to remove it you need to get it surgically removed! :S hope that helped (:

  4. Jessica Says:

    this is what im gettin i a couple weekss..
    but im just wondering, how much did you pay for it ?

    looks ammazzzingg !

  5. colleen Says:

    i love the hip piercings when i turn 18 im going to get 3 going up each side of me. there very different. i just have to get the balls to get them done 🙂

  6. beansberg10494 Says:

    what are the hip piercings called? and how much did they cost?

  7. Jessii Says:

    Because I like them 🙂
    I think they look good.
    Practically everyone has their ears pierced (even babies)… why?
    I just decided to get something a little different

  8. Emma Says:

    Seriously, everyone is entitled to pincushion themselves up as much as they like, but why, why, why, why, WHY??

  9. Jo Watson Says:

    To the person who is saying they’re old for thinking it’s weird… I’m 15 and i can’t believe somebody would willingly make a hole in their arm.
    You can’t wear a long sleeved top, in case you pull up the sleeves and goes very messy.

  10. Lisette Says:

    Ok,I am now officially OLD. I never,EVER thought the words”why would you want to do that? Young people are weird” would escape my lips but I guess there’s a first time for everything.
    Piercings are in effect a controlled wound. It’s one thing to have it in an earlobe,where the wound will be minute,but gaping from your arm like that?
    It’s like that old episode of the Goodies where they go punk. They try to think up more and more extreme things to do to ‘outpunk’ punk. When your attempts to be cool result in a course of antibiotics,it’s time to pull back and get out the nerdy beige jumper. Better to be unhip than have an infected one.

  11. Jessii Says:

    The hip piercings are anchored in 🙂

  12. Liam Dingsdale Says:

    After seeing, and smelling that rotting arm piercing (Yep, I am the ‘boyfriend called Liam), I was actually pleasantly surprised with Jessii’s hip piercings.
    For one, I couldn’t smell them. Which was an instant bonus. But more so, I was surprised that there appeared to be no irritation or redness around them.

    I’m glad that they didn’t go the way of the arm piercing. Just imagine the same kind of holes as the arm, but on the hips!

  13. James Devine Says:

    Yeah, the arm had pocketing done, which is an anti-piercing. Rejection is REALLY REALLY common with that sort of piercing.

    Same with the hips, any form of piercing like that tends to reject ’cause they’re not really anchored to anything.

  14. Laura Says:

    These stupid girls at my school pierce their hips with blunt earrings THAT HAVE BEEN USED

    • Becky the manx ice cream monter... =) preferably becky Says:

      Laura, I get this!! A girl at my school just pierced her ear with a safety clip that she found in a box in the gym!! It’s still in there…

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