uber question!


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We’ve had a plea for help from Alex:

One of my friends is the type of person who argues for the sake of it. He has the ability to reduce people to tears with his ignorance and petulance when arguing or even generally conversating with him.

For example – I asked him what the name of the tiny spaces in between the teeth on a comb are? I said there isn’t a name for it, it’s just one of them things. He wouldn’t let it lie, hunting me down at work, in the pub, via email and text message to give me his interpretation of said question.

I can’t take it anymore, that’s why I’m coming to you for help…

Please can you furnish me one question that will stump him and finally let me win one argument?

Listeners, this is definitely one for you. Unleash your inner pedant, gather your strength and please add your unanswerable questions to the comments below.

PS. Although, “Why are we all here?” has yet to be solved, so Alex might do well to try that first.

PPS. According to Wikipedia and other web reference sources that are probably all quoting the same original pile of Inaccurate, the gaps between the teeth of a comb are called ‘combdrums’. Now can you two stop fighting and get on with bickering over something more useful?

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2 Responses to “uber question!”

  1. Julia Says:

    Here’s a question for your “friend”:

    “Why am I still friends with you, and how long am I likely to remain your friend if you keep being such an annoying pain in the arse?”

  2. Lewis Says:

    if you answer any more questions, will i punch you in the face?
    if he says nothing WIN
    if he says yes, he will be right but over time he will learn to shut the fuck up WIN
    if he says no, then he will be wrong and you can claim victory of your intellectual battle by giving him a celebratory punch in the face WIN

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