EPISODE 102 – a cucumber will never make you cry


Well, what a splendid week it has been, what with this and that, and now the cherry on the cake, the ketchup on the potato waffle, the skin on the cocoa: Answer Me This! Episode 102!

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This week we discuss such grave matters as:

the perils of pylons
The Mousetrap
Piz Buin vs. L’Oreal
Dennis Hopper snorting tractor-fuel
The Crying Game
sunbathing in World War II
Heathrow Terminal 5.

Plus: Olly yet again proves himself way ahead of the curve, having managed to produce a viral song in 1991; Helen stands up for her religious boundary-crossing relationship; Martin the Sound Man has nobody to play with in the swimming pool; and, unknowingly, Inspector Morse comes to our rescue in a matter of correct spelling. Such a gent.

Despite our recent chart-nontopping success, we’re still staying close to our roots and imploring you to send us your QUESTIONS for future episodes. You can submit them in the form of an email to answermethispodcast@googlemail.com or a voice message to Skype ID answermethis or the question line 0208 123 5877; we’re not fussy.

See you next week,

Helen and Olly

PS. Anyone who doesn’t believe in the festival of the summer, the Peasenhall Pea Festival: below is photographic evidence!

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2 Responses to “EPISODE 102 – a cucumber will never make you cry”

  1. Nina Says:

    I am a guest in someone else’s house and am streaming the podcast direct from the site.

    Why do I not mind my hosts hearing you talk bollocks but do turn the sound down on the jingles?

  2. drugeducationforum Says:

    As a newish – but regular listener – I’ve worked out you’re not wikipedia but I thought I’d write a comment about the glue sniffing question just to add to the information in your answer.

    The annual VSA deaths report came out last week and showed for the first time in a very long time there wasn’t a death amongst under 14 year olds in the last year for which there is information.

    This isn’t to say that young people aren’t still taking volatile substances. The same day as the VSA report was published the survey on young people’s drug use was also released. That showed that volatile substances are the second most used illicit substance by 11 to 15 year old, with 5% saying they’d taking glue, gas, aerosols or solvents.

    The reason for the falling number of deaths – and so publicity – amongst young people is largely put down to the introduction of bitrex to glue making it much less misuser friendly.

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