EPISODE 341: sensational sausage


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In Answer Me This! Episode 341, Olly has some big news. Is it about his cat? Is it about an amazing bargain he bought at Costco?? Is it about a fake tan spray that never fades??? Is it even better than any of those things????

We also deal with questions concerning:

frogs’ legs
frogs’ bodies
Jamie Oliver’s jollies
McDonald’s fries
Dirty Diana Ross vs Dirty Diana, Princess of Wales
Whoppers vs Big Macs
Disneyland Paris
delicious Polish food in Birmingham
giant potatoes.

Plus: there is a third in Olly’s relationship, and it is an app for tracking ships; Helen refuses to be bore-shamed; and Martin the Sound Man done a joke, so adopt the brace position.

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We’ll be back on 22 October with AMT342,

Helen & Olly

••• AMT341 Child-Friendly Rating: 57%. Not deeply obscene but generally a bit vulgar. •••


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2 Responses to “EPISODE 341: sensational sausage”

  1. Toby Says:

    Nathan’s right. I met someone that worked for McCains. She said that McDonald’s actually took the very best of the spuds for their fries, second best were McCain’s own brand oven chips, with the potato edges used for the ‘rustic’ fries and wedges. Next down the line were the chips for supermarket own brand and yes, the mush from the cutting machines was scraped up at the end of the day and that’s what Pringles are made from.

  2. Nathan in North Carolina Says:

    Unless things have changed since 2015, Ollie is incorrect when he says that McDonald’s fries are reconstituted. They are peeled and washed, and they *are* fired through a cannon at a shredding grid, but they are never turned into mush. How would that even work? Also, the fact that you both seem to think that the fries are all a standard length is a pretty clear demonstration of how little you eat fast food. Any order of fries has many different lengths of fries in it, from short to (a very few that are) unusually long. I’m not generally a McDonald’s advocate, but fries are one thing they do really well, despite the multi-ingredient coating . . .


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