tower of romance



When romance and real life collide, problems happen, such as this one befalling Dave:

I recently became single after being with my ex for a bit over 3 years and I decided to try out some dating websites.

I was chatting for a few days with a girl and felt like it was going well, so I asked if she’d be prepared to meet up. And she was! So, we arranged to meet at Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth in about a week and a half. We didn’t actually set a time and she didn’t give me her number, but she said she was looking forward to it.

Then today (a couple of days later) I’ve seen that she has deleted her profile on the site where I met her so I have no way of getting in touch.

I guess I can do nothing and should just forget about it, but it occurred to me that if this was a film or a music video I’d go to Spinnaker Tower anyway and just wait there all day in case she does show up. Answer me this, do people actually do that in real life and should I?

Readers, sprint to the comments and weigh in: to live like a romcom, or to accept one has been ghosted?


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2 Responses to “tower of romance”

  1. Samuel Furse Says:

    Unless you really want to spend all day there anyway, I’d forget all about it. I did on-line dating for a few years (Happily no need any more) and so I feel sure this has the distinct odour of a fake profile.

    It’s not worth the hassle. A lot of things don’t work out on-line, and I suspect this is one of those. Spend the time talking to someone who will reply.

  2. jarthurstormer Says:

    go. take a nice book. at the worst, it’ll be some nice you time.

    also remember that the internet is a terrible place for women, dating sites especially. they get sent horrifying messages all the time, and i have many friends who have impulsively shut down their accounts to get away from it. dealing with that shit as a queer man is bad enough, but at least i’m lucky not to spend every moment of my life living in a world inundated with sexual violence against my gender. dating sites can be truly terrible places.

    i’m sure you’re frustrated and disappointed but, if you ever do meet up, start with compassion for her ghosting.

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