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AMT321‘s discussion of networking has spurred Jab to write:

With regards to business cards.

After an event or meeting and back home (or hotel), simply put all the cards on a table close together and take a single photo with your phone.

I have a folder called ‘MEETINGS’ where they all go.

The benefits of this are that the people you met in the one place stay in the same photo and the date of the pic tells you when you met them. Plus you can bin the cards straight away.

Before I did this (which seems obvious now) I had a bunch of cards with little or no idea what circumstance or when I met the person. Like Olly’s 200+.

This does seem to be a sensible system, but it does remove all the fun of staying in on a Friday night to alphabeticise your business cards.

Feel free to go to the comments to share your own business card management system; I’d hate to deny you that pleasure.


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2 Responses to “business cards”

  1. Rod from Truro Says:

    When I used to attend boring conferences as a manager of a big company, I was constantly pursued by people who thought that I would spend money with them.
    My party piece was to collect the cards of everyone and when I met someone who was particularly irritating, I would take their card, but give them a card given to me by a previous twat. This not only meant that neither of them called me, but the wider social benefit of them talking to each other and sparing the rest of humanity their nonsense.

  2. danniiboy Says:

    Just because you’ve photographed the business cards, doesn’t mean you can’t keep them all for a relaxing Friday-night alphabetising session.

    And there’s so many ways to alphabetise, too. By given name, by surname, by organisation, by job title. And then you can even sort them into classifications, eg by number and/or type of post-nominals, or by which is the first contact method listed. Hours of fun!

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