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Here’s a conundrum from an anonymous man upon which, readers, I’d appreciate your input in the comments. He writes:

I went on holiday to Amsterdam last year with my now ex. I am now in a new relationship, and have booked a holiday to Amsterdam. So far it’s okay, my current girlfriend has no issues returning to the city for a ‘romantic city break’ despite knowing that the last time I went was with significant ex and (it did take me a long while to get over it blah blah).

However, Helen and Olly, answer me this: should I tell my new girlfriend that the hotel we’ve booked is the same as the one I went to with my ex?

I want to be honest, but at the same time I don’t want it to seem I am just reliving the past etc etc…

For the record, the reason for booking the same hotel is its good location, good price, good mix of guests and they do a really good breakfast…

Mm-hmm, and I’m sure it’s the ONLY hotel in Amsterdam capable of supplying those things.

You say ‘I don’t want it to seem I am just reliving the past’, so WHY ARE YOU RELIVING THE PAST? Or at the very least, rewriting it with a different woman playing the part of ‘girlfriend in Amsterdam’? There are plenty of romantic cities you could visit that you had not been to within the last year with somebody else. But you chose this one. The real question is “Why?” but I suspect you are unwilling to know that answer.

Alright, fine: your question was whether to tell your girlfriend. I don’t think you’ll need to. When she sees you trying to hug the hotel room wall and blubbering about how much you’ve missed it, she’ll probably figure it out.


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2 Responses to “new relationship, old holiday”

  1. Jed Bartlet Says:

    Why on earth would you tell her? Honesty doesn’t mean full disclosure. (And there are always times in relationships where honesty is not the best policy.)

  2. Winter Palace Pod (@winterpalacepod) Says:

    It has the air of Jimmy Stewart in Vertigo about it.

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