Greggs: the geographical survey




If you would like to contribute to the geographical survey of variations in Greggs the Baker‘s offerings, please do so in the comments. Then we can commission an infographic. Following AMT317, Steven in Leeds writes:

Greggs do offer regional variation in their range – as a fat northerner, the lunchtime meal of choice in my native Warrington as a sixth former was the meat and potato pasty*, which I was astounded to discover was unavailable when I moved to Yorkshire in 2006. I got over this when I went back home and realised that their ‘meat and potato’ was in fact a kind of pinkish-greyish lumpy paste with no identifiable constituent parts…but I’ll still have one about once a year when I go back home.

*As a side note: They love a bit of meat and potato in the north-west: so much so that in that region Greggs actually do both a meat and potato pie (smaller diameter but thicker filled) and a potato and meat pie (larger diameter and thinly filled), with the respective first parts designating the primary ingredient.

You say potato (and meat), I say (meat and) potato…


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2 Responses to “Greggs: the geographical survey”

  1. Katy Says:

    Here in Scotland there has recently been a bit of an uproar that Greggs have stopped doing macaroni pies. I think this was a regional thing. A scotch pie case filled with mac and cheese. I don’t like cheese so never sampled one, they smelled like vomit to me, but the number of people outraged at their demise means they must have been fairly popular.

  2. greedydave Says:

    I was going to ask Martin why there was no mention of the W. Midlands bakers Braggs, until I read that they were all rebranded as Greggs in 1999. How could I not have known this nor have visited Birmingham for more than 16 years?

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