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Readers, please go to the comments and share your views upon this question from Louis:

I have a moral dilemma, I recently discovered that my favourite breakfast cereal is made by a company who I’m informed I should be boycotting for ethical reasons.

So answer me this: should I stop eating the cereal? No other cereal grabs me in the same way, so I don’t really want to change my breakfast routine. Am I a bad person for knowingly paying a company who ultimately do a lot of evil?

Through the prism of your breakfast cereal, Louis, we face the perennial consumer choice pickle. Even if you do try to be a responsible consumer, if you follow a product up its chain, there’s usually evil money/practice SOMEwhere in a big company, riiight? Changing your breakfast routine might prove physically dangerous, riiiiight? Surely true love (of a cereal) trumps all other considerations, riiiiiiiight?

I mock because I know that right now, Louis is floating around in a paddling pool filled with his favourite cereal. ‘Who I’m informed I should be boycotting’ doesn’t suggest personal dedication to the cause.


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2 Responses to “cereal ethics”

  1. danniiboy Says:


    If you really like this guy, be respectful, but do ask what his health is like in relation to the HIV. In this day and age, his viral load is probably undetectable (although it’s best not to assume this), which in some jurisdictions is considered equivalent to being HIV-.

    Either way, it might also be a good idea to speak to your GP about going on pre-exposure prophalaxis (PrEP), which means taking a pill once a day to greatly reduce your chance of infection.

    The other thing I’d stress is always use condoms. HIV may be the big bad wolf, but there are plenty of other STIs and although they’re curable, you really don’t want a dose of, say, chlamydia. Trust me on that.

  2. Jordan Clapham Says:

    Hello Helen and Olly

    Please can I remain anonymous for this question please. Thank you.

    I’m a 21 year old gay man who’s only recently in March came out as gay. For the last few weeks I’ve been speaking to another young gay man online and we get along great. We are planning to meet this month, he’s told me in great confidence that he’s HIV+ and to be honest, I don’t know what the actually means. It hasn’t put me off him him at all, I just need to know what the boundaries are of what o do to not only keep him safe and healthy but myself. All I know is that it’s an STD… But I’ve tried to google some do’s and don’s but it’s too much information to take in and read. Could you tell me the most important do’s and don’ts if this man and I were to start a relationship?

    Thank you


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