The Royal vote


Queen Elizabeth II


We’ve had the following question from Almost Everybody in the past week:

Can the Queen vote?

According to, ‘The Queen can vote, but in practice it is considered unconstitutional for the Monarch to vote in an election.’

QE2’s own website expands the point: ‘As Head of State, The Queen must remain politically neutral, since her Government will be formed from whichever party can command a majority in the House of Commons. The Queen herself is part of the legislature and technically she cannot therefore vote for members of another part of the legislature.’

For those of you wondering about whether the rest of the royals can vote: ‘they also are required to preserve their political neutrality so as not to embarrass The Queen. Therefore, they too would not vote nor stand for election for the European Parliament.’

I’d love to see the list of things the royals are not supposed to do ‘so as not to embarrass The Queen’. Someone should also send a copy to Prince Andrew, what what?

However. My brother placed a consolation bet on the outcome of the election and won £600. We know the Queen loves to have a flutter. I reckon she will have ‘voted’ on the sly. Someone check her online William Hill account.

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