Thursday Listening Party



On the Thursdays with no new AMT, we crank up the spoken word audio and have a Thursday Listening Party.
Click here to attend all previous gatherings.

Election Day! The Media Podcast election special, hosted by Olly, will be out tomorrow on

Meanwhile, I sought solace in etymology for the new Allusionist and found out the origins of lots of political words – visit to hear about hairy polls and ballsy ballots.

Election-unrelated: I was recently a guest on one of my favourite podcasts, The Sporkful! And I discovered that host Dan Pashman is possibly even more of a pedant than I am. Hear here.

In AMT313, we search for a foodstuff older than a questioneer and get stuck in poogatory. Catch up in time for AMT314 next Thursday.

A few shows I’ve enjoyed this week:

Radiotopia sibling Benjamen Walker just completed New York After Rent, a three-part series within his podcast Theory of Everything, and it’s a very interesting take on the gentrification of New York through the prism of rent, Rent and Airbnb. Hear at (On the subject of Radiotopia – if you’re in Dublin and free this evening, come along to the Radiotopia party and hang out with me and Nick van der Kolk from Love+Radio. Click here for details.)

I started listening to Millennial, in which recentish graduate Megan Tan negotiates the upward struggle that is so many of our twenties. (And thirties. And forties. Etc etc, up until one’s hundred-and-teens, at which point one probably has stopped worrying so much.) The show is pretty new, but is off to a very strong start. I had to check on this chart to find out whether I’m a Millennial, Generation Y, Generation X, Baby Boomer or Greatest Generation. Treat for Gen X-ers – Parker Posey was on WTF this week.

If you’re in need of some first person true stories that will punch you right in the emotional gut, let me steer you towards This Is Actually Happening.

What’s been in your ears this week? Share your recommendations in the comments.


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