mystery hole


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Charlie in North Wales writes:

My dad lives in a relatively urban area north east of Birmingham.

Recently we were clearing out the garden when we discovered a concrete slab in the ground, and during its removal we found what appeared to be a small and apparently bottomless hole, around 50cm in diameter.

As anyone would, we decided to investigate, and after looking online at council records and in the deeds to the house, we found no sign of any hole ever being recorded.

With a weight and a piece of string, we discovered it was over 21m deep, bricked all the way, and possibly deeper, due to a thick and wet mud at the bottom that we could not get past. Concerned about the fates of any animals or children who met their demise at the bottom, I have concluded my only hope is you.

So, answer me this: how can it not be recorded, should I be worried and what should I do?

What should you do? Concentrate on not falling down it, Charlie. That’s the main thing.

Should you be worried? That depends on whether you’ll overlook the obvious explanation – that it’s an old well, surely? – in favour of a worrying one, like it’s a vortex ready to suck the West Midlands into oblivion.



One Response to “mystery hole”

  1. Martha Says:

    Does a railway tunnel go under the house? Could have been a gas chimney from the age of steam (a bit like the ones poking through the Milennium Dome) as my friend had one in his garden. However I would expect there to be some kind of chimney pot element to it so on second thoughts, probably a well. As you were.

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