chicken and egg




Chicken and egg recipes keep rolling in. Robbie from Santa Barbara, California says:

I read about a Moroccan dish, which I can’t wait to try…it sounds delicious! Two ingredients in pastilla, sometimes called bastilla, are chicken and eggs, each being the main ingredient in one of the layers of this complex dish. Here’s a recipe.

Henrik writes:

Since AMT305, I’ve had a think about dishes with chicken and eggs on them, and in the Philippines we have at least one: chicken galantina, which is essentially stuffed whole chicken, with a hard boiled egg inside. And some versions of our adobo (a quintessential Filipino dish where meat is cooked in vinegar, garlic, peppers and soy sauce) has some hard boiled eggs in it. But then I had one more thought: what about dishes that have chicken and eggs that are not from chickens? Like quail egg. I’ve seen dishes with chicken and quail egg. Does it make things less morbid?

Good question, Henrik. I maintain that poultry doesn’t really go with eggs, texturally or flavourwise; but if you’re eggsperimenting, why not venture further afield? Say a dish of chicken and dinosaur egg? What do you reckon? Come on readers, I know at least one of you has tried it…


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4 Responses to “chicken and egg”

  1. chrislaidler Says:

    The noodle bar on campus at my uni serves its Nasi Goreng with chicken and a fried egg (though their Nasi Goreng also contains pork and beef, so I guess it’s not strictly speaking a ‘chicken dish’)

  2. cat baldwin Says:

    Friends, I present to you the chicken and egg dish, Oyakodon/Oyakudon.

    Translation: Mother and child

  3. jarthurstormer Says:

    sushi rolls often have roe – fish flesh and eggs in the same dish.

  4. samuelfurse Says:

    A few years ago I had some colleagues who had once gone to China for a conference. Whilst there, possibly as a result of jetlag but more likely ignorance of mandarin, they accidentally ordered a dish that consisted of crab sperm with the progenitor of said sperm. When my boss found out he was basically unable to take in air for about 30 seconds. Is this what you meant by further afield…?

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