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Ben in Edinburgh is not speaking our language (our language being the sound of rolls of squidgy lazy flesh slapping against one another):

I am into obstacle course running: tough mudder, rat race etc.

I am due to compete in an event this year called ‘The Unknown‘, a 48-hour event which is basing itself on telling the competitors nothing about what will be expected, and whose aims are ‘to get you to quit before the end’ thus the psychological element of the event is huge.

I am fit and train regularly for 20-mile obstacle course events!

So, answer me this…

How can I train for an event whose obstacles, events, skills required etc are completely unknown and how can I prep myself mentally for such an event?

GUESS WHAT? We are totally unqualified to advise on how to prepare yourself for the Krypton Factor minus the fun! But we’d imagine a lot of readers have put themselves through such events, and/or are currently planning to with the early January fitness fervour. Run (up a cliff, through a snakepit and over embers covered in broken glass) to the comments to advise Ben.


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2 Responses to “tough mudder”

  1. runningcarl Says:

    I do ultra running myself and I’ve done 102 miles so have some similar experience.
    Past a certain point you just can’t train yourself physically, it is all mental. Just try to replicate the conditions you feel you may face and get used to it. Be mentally tough as your mind will want to give in long before your body. And face it all with a smile, it will seem easier at least.

  2. jarthurstormer Says:

    According to Wikipedia, Leonard Nimoy says that the fifth Star Trek film, The Final Frontier, “reflected Shatner’s energetic sensibility and what he enjoyed doing most on the show — ‘running and jumping.'” I recommend beginning each day with a full re-enacting the entire film.

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