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Rebecca from London writes:

My sister is about to have a baby, which means I am about to become an aunt! In fact, I recently realised I will be the baby’s only aunt, which means I feel like I should get it right. I know Helen is an aunt, and I suspect a fun one, or at least I know she likes to lie to her ‘niecephews’.

So answer me this: what do I need to do to be an excellent aunt?

1. Deploy exciting-looking gift-wrapping (the gift within is of secondary importance).
2. Try not to look bored when the kid is telling you an anecdote that doesn’t go anywhere.
3. Teach them to make paper aeroplanes.
4. Don’t bury their grandmother without telling anyone.

That last point is information someone should have given my only aunt. Hindsight is a powerful thing…

Readers, any tips for excellent aunt or uncle performance? Add in the comments.


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One Response to “good aunt”

  1. tubbydammer Says:

    If you like the parent then crayons or wash-off paints and paper go down well with kids once they get to about two or three. If you dislike the parents then buy lots of glitter and glue. The kids love it and the parents will hate you forever 🙂

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