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Gordon has written in to expand upon a point Jesse and Theresa Thorn touched upon in AMT300:

In AMT300, you had James from Glasgow ask about how to hide his rubber fetish collection from his girlfriend when they move in together.

I think he’s asking the wrong question.

If he’s hiding his fetish, he’s hiding something important about himself, and he’ll be lying to his girlfriend. Trying to hide something in a relationship is never good. Then think about the fireworks that will result when the girlfriend finds out – because she will. It’s practically impossible to keep something like this a secret. Whilst he’s trying to hide it, he’ll always be worrying that his girlfriend might find it.

He needs to have a chat with his girlfriend over his fetish. Is it the whole fetish that she’s against, or just the quantity of his collection? Also, if they’re moving in together and his girlfriend is not into latex, when does he expect to indulge his fetish? Whilst they’re living apart, James can go back to his place and indulge himself in private. But living together, there will be little alone time in their shared flat to indulge.

He needs to resolve this before they move in together.

I speak as someone who’s gone through this – and the arguments and break-ups that ensued.

So take it from Gordon, James: the couple that rubberizes together stays together.



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