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Bibliomanes, Jordan from Texas needs your help:

I have a nineteen-year-old friend who says she has never read before in her life. I am an avid reader (currently reading three books plus listening to Manchester’s biography of Churchill on audiobook) and this baffles me.

However, she has recently expressed an interest in starting to read and I want to give a recommendation which won’t be so tough as to put her off reading, but isn’t going to get her into the habit of reading shit books.

She likes the horror movie genre and my friend suggested Red Dragon by Thomas Harris, but looking into it, it’s a bit too “psychopath masturbating to films of himself murdering families” for me to comfortably recommend it to a pretty girl I’m interested in.

So answer me this: do you have any ideas?

Readers, I’m turning this questions over to you. Recommend the ideal book for this woman, that will not only fan the flames of ardour for reading, but for Jordan himself! Because while Jordan is a reading zealot eager to convert the uninitiated, we can all see what he’s really up to…


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5 Responses to “first book”

  1. thelittlelibrarycafe Says:

    The Wasp Factory by Iain Banks. Very creepy, beautifully written, not overlong. Will be a gateway to lots of different books in many different genres!
    Alternatively, and leaving the horror genre behind, if I could choose a first book to read, I’d want it to be To Kill a Mockingbird.

  2. Majestic Few Says:

    Classic ghost stories by M R James.

  3. mark coale (@black_bile) Says:

    poe. Classic but still creepy/scary.

  4. Paul McElroy Says:

    Stephen Kings Different Seasons has four novellas in it. Although it’s nobodies idea of high art he’s also not a hack and the book has two things to reccomend it.

    1. Novellas are easier to digest than novels if you’re not used to ploughing through them.

    2. It contains the original stories that Stand by Me and the Shawshank Redemption were based on. Which gives you an “in” for an old-movie night.

  5. Iain Holder (@IainHolder) Says:

    Kill Your Friends by John Niven.

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