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Welcome to the first AGM of the mutual appreciation society, members: us, and Sarah from Oakland, California:

I am the owner and designer of a small leather accessory line based in Portland, Oregon, and Oakland, California. I have recently discovered your awesome podcast and have passed the long hours of getting ready for upcoming trade shows with your wonderful humor. In response to how much I love your show, I would love to send a thank you gift to all three of you.

And she bloody well did! Here we are, modelling the beautifully handcrafted leather passport wallets from Sarah’s line:

AMT fineleathergoods

Louis Vuitton, we ARE available to front your A/W 2014 print campaign if Michelle Williams has a change of heart.

To gawk Sarah’s wares without our stupid mugs getting in the way, head to the website for Martine Satchels. Now that my passport is looking so smart, I’m saving up to be able to clothe every single one of my possessions in matching encasements.

NOTE: this is not a paid endorsement, but a thank you note to Sarah for sending us lovely gifts.


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