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Following our homecoming queen election speculation in AMT289, here’s more Americana feedback from Mark from Virginia:

The reason it’s called “homecoming” is that the high school football team always plays a string of away games — i.e., not at the home field. Then when they finally have a home game again, that’s “homecoming”. There’s a parade before the game, there may be some events during halftime, and the homecoming king and queen are announced.

It’s not just that there is “often” a football game. Rather, the whole thing is based on football.

That is all 🙂

IS it all, though, Mark? What is the queen really FOR? Why does sport require monarchs? Here in the UK, our royal family has already had to cut back quite a bit, and they can’t go around crowning somebody every time there’s a home footsport game. Prince Edward barely gets a look-in as it is.


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3 Responses to “homecoming queen”

  1. Martin Says:

    I’m with Laurie – by definition only half of teams can have away games and not every high school team can have a string of away games – where would they play?

  2. Amy J. Says:

    I started seeing Solo cups in different colors once in a while until this song came out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_Solo_Cup

  3. laurie Says:

    What? Yes, there’s a game, but no, homecoming in my hometown has always referred to inviting alumni to return home, not just the football team. Also it occurs pretty early in the football season, so I don’t remember the teams having been away so much before.

    In my (and surrounding New England) high school(s) there was a week long set of festivities, culminating in “spirit” day when the pep rally for the football team and happens, people dress in school colors, the homecoming court is announced and also the senior class superlatives. (most likely to succeed, best eyes, etc) then the parade and game and usually a bonfire that lasts well into the night.

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