EPISODE 286 – code with a condom


Hello listeners!

Very exciting news: we’ve made a Radio 4 documentary to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the word ‘podcast’. It’s in two installments, out at 11am on Friday 4th and 11th April. It features many podcasting luminaries – including Marc Maron, Roman Mars, Keith and the Girl, Theresa Thorn, Betty in the Sky, the Buglers, the Night Valers, and also our old adversary Richard Herring. If you can’t wait for eight whole days to hear us talk to him, listen to the recent RHLSTP in which we air all that dirty laundry.

Amid all this talk of other things to listen to, don’t forget to apply yourself to Answer Me This! Episode 286:

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In which we discuss:

chilled red wine
velvet ropes
decorative sticks
babysitting vs kitten-sitting
Mardi Gras vs Pancake Day
Navajo rugs vs dreamcatchers
Glastonbury scheduling
EcuadorPanama hats
London’s cat cafe
mythical bestiality
the first ever porn film.

Plus: Olly was all business, no pleasure at his school leavers’ ball; Helen prefers the pong of garlic breath to perfume; and Martin the Sound Man worries about worldly souvenirs making him into a bellend. Don’t worry Martin, you were already a bellend! JK. (Or is it?)

Today’s Bit of Crap on the App contains more perfume-chat, in which Olly sabotages any future he had as a department store perfume salesperson. Pinch your nose and spray the app into your ears from your iDevices, Android or Windows gadgets.

Here’s something that doesn’t stink: today’s episode-funders Squarespace.com offering you a 10% discount off their services for a whole year if you use the code answer3. What a breath of fresh air!

And finally, we ask that you take a deep breath and send us your QUESTIONS: call the Question Line (call 0208 123 5877 or Skype ID answermethis) or email answermethispodcast@googlemail.com.

Back in a fortnight!

Helen & Olly

AMT286 Child-Friendly Rating: 42%. First three quarters are clean, apart from a couple of questioneer-led swears. The episode ends on a question about porn films, but by then your children will probably have fallen asleep during the earlier question about road signs.


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One Response to “EPISODE 286 – code with a condom”

  1. phantomsteve2001 Says:

    Re: Payment not made for website

    It’s not mentioned whether Jacob has access to the server still, but as you suggested on the podcast, if he does then he should just remove the website contents that he added, and leave a place holder saying something like “This site is not available until payment has been made for the coding” or something similar.

    Basically, in future Jacob should get a contract sorted out with clients. Have it as a simple “£xxx [or xx% of the total cost] will be paid in advance, with the remainder to be paid upon completion. The code/format [etc…] will remain the property of [Jacob] until such time as the full cost of the project is paid. Should the full cost not be paid within a reasonable time after the project is completed, [Jacob] has the right to remove all from the server” – or something along those lines. Although this is not Jacob’s full-time job from what he said, if he plans on this being a regular gig, it might be worth spending a little bit of money on a contract lawyer to create a suitably worded (and legally enforceable) contract. No contract, no work. No final payment, then all the work is Jacob’s, so he has the right to remove it (and indeed, if the client has copied it and uses it after it has been removed, then it would be something that could be sued over)

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