Sit By Me (and watch my favourite film)




Here’s another in our unofficial series of unnecessary marital disputes. Luke in Bury St Edmunds writes:

On the most part my fiancée and I get on really well, but there’s one sticking point that drives me crazy: she refuses to watch movies I am passionate about showing her, especially the Steven King classic Stand By Me.

Answer Me This:

1. Why is she doing this to me and 2. how can I persuade her to watch Stand By Me?

1. Maybe she doesn’t want to be bullied into watching? Or perhaps she is enjoying toying with your feelings thus.

2. Compromise is key. I suggest you effect a semi-regular arrangement of watching double bills, for which you have each chosen one film. You have to watch each other’s film without prejudice, and your own film without pointing out all the things you want the other to notice about it. Afterwards, you may have a reasoned, dispassionate discussion about what you have seen, but if neither of you can be trusted to do that, then keep your opinions to yourselves and talk about something else instead.

Another option is to accept that in relationships, you’re allowed to like and dislike things your partner does not. If you try the double bill plan and your fiancée subjects you to Danny Dyer film after Danny Dyer film, this will be a good backup choice.


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One Response to “Sit By Me (and watch my favourite film)”

  1. Joe in Seattle Says:

    Good point, Luke. Since when should women have the choice of saying no to things they don’t want to do? These feminazis are really getting out of hand.

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