She’ll be coming round the metaphors when she comes



Welcome to Learning Time with listener Robin:

A smidgeon more information on ‘She’ll Be Comin’ ‘Round the Mountain’.

Judgement day was sometimes a metaphor for freedom.

Jesus sometimes had the secret meaning of Harriet Tubman, who would lead the slaves to freedom.

It was all right for slaves to be found singing spirituals, but not all right for them to be plotting or hoping for freedom out loud.

This song grows ever more interesting! But still not at all dirty like our questioneer thought. That was all in her mucky mind.

Here’s more feedback on the musical elements of AMT266, from Rebecca from Letchworth:

Musicals are my favourite thing in the world and seeing as I am a drama student, I am constantly singing songs from musicals and going to see musicals in the West End.

I don’t think you should sing along when you go and see musicals on stage – you’re paying a lot of money hear trained professionals do it. Also, the seating in some theatres is very tight, you are practically bumping shoulders with the people either side of you. My advice would be that if you really cannot control your need to sing along (and sometimes you really can’t control it), you should simply mouth the words.

I do this when I go and see a musical, because you feel like you’re singing along and if you get your timing just right, you can pretend in your head that the actor’s voice is actually yours. That way you are having a little sing-song to yourself and you’re not disturbing anyone around you.

Very considerate, Rebecca – unless you’re also silently dancing along, and elbowing your seat-neighbour in the face when you do jazz hands.


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One Response to “She’ll be coming round the metaphors when she comes”

  1. Clare Says:

    I went to see West Side Story on Wednesday and wish the girl next to me had followed Rebecca’s advice of mouthing the words. She cried most of the way through. Not a delicate dabbing of handkerchief to eye either, but great shuddering, attention seeking gasps and constant sniffing. Not only that but she joined in with the most heartfelt passages of the love songs. Fortunately I wasn’t massively enjoying it anyway as otherwise she would have ruined 50 quids worth of musical for me.

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