to spank or not to spank



Our next question comes from a lady known only as A, who says:

I’m in a dilemma. I know this guy who I met at an event last year and he is way older than I am. We kept in touch but kinda lost touch for a few months. Then about a few months after that we bumped into each other and he and i got back in touch and started emailing each other. Those emails got quite intimate and personal.

We soon met up and had a quiet lunch in January. Then we kept emailing each other and pretty soon we both confessed that we want each other sexually but there’s a catch: he’s married and has a daughter and wants me the way it’s written in Fifty Shades of Grey. I am into that whole thing but just on paper and haven’t even tried that whole spanking and tying up bit.

He is heading abroad for a month and when he’s back we are planning to get busy. My gut is telling me not to do so, but my mind is saying something else as I have just started an awesome new job and have got my life in order.

What should I do? Should I just give into what he and I want or push him aside? We have been friends since day 1 so that seems to be out of the question.

It seems out of the question to you only because you’re so DISTRACTED BY THE YELLING OF YOUR LOINS.

I’m assuming from your penultimate paragraph that you’ve taken leave of your senses. You’ve just started an awesome job and got your life in order – so now would be the optimal time to mess everything up? For…karmic balance? Colour me baffled.

By all means go ahead and experiment with your BDSM fantasies, but choose somebody who is unattached with whom to do so. The Fifty Shades scenario is already one in which the man controls the woman; don’t tip it further to your disadvantage by enacting it with a married man, because you will have ever little dominion as time passes. And you should be especially cautious about enabling somebody else’s extra-marital funtime because you sound like you’ve already grown emotionally attached even before you’ve deployed the bondage kit.

Readers, if you have anything to say about A’s Fifty Shades of Folly, go to the comments and do so. But she’ll probably never read this post through her blindfold made of lust and neckties.


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2 Responses to “to spank or not to spank”

  1. Lyn Says:

    Run away. Fast. This man clearly holds his marriage vows and his child in low esteem. If he has no respect for such commitments, what do think he really feels about you? He doesn’t even appear to be worthy of your friendship, never mind your vagina.

  2. Gil8ert Says:

    There’s a phrase from Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace which I think is quite appropriate to this issue: If you’re gonna act like a cheap arsehole, expect the shittiest portion.

    Don’t expect anything from this man except to be his disposable play thing.

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